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    my name is josh, I'm 32, gone back to school for computer programing. as AB/DL, I'm an AB that is developing a web based adventure called Adult Proof. I will build adult sized, baby items that all have some locking mechanism so once in, your DL will have to take good care good of you.

    I like the fun of adult baby, I just really want to feel as helpless and dependent as I did 30 years ago. as of now only I have a carseat and walking harness the carseat only fits someone my size or a little bigger. (I'm 5'4 and 125lbs) I have plans for a highchair, and crib. I'm working on a swing, walker and a carseat for bigger babies.

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    Hmmm images or at least blueprints might be of interest... I must assume you have a "parner in crime" who will help you with playtesting, which you may think of as "quality control" or "field testing..." Have you looked up what the market already offers in ab furniture and restraints? You have something new to offer? Yay we'll look forward...

    I have not seen high chairs which are built to accommodate locking plastic pants, and this should be remedied. All it would take is an extra long chain in the pp, and an open space in the chair behind the victim lucky user...

    or even keeping said open space a simple pin with a bolthead that drops down through a hole above, through the existing lock on the pp's, and through another hole below. The bolthead is stopped by an upper "u" and the shank of the bolt itself has a hole through which a second lock's shackle can be placed, so as to separately secure the pp on the wearer and to secure the wearer to the chair.

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    I can get some pic up soon.

    to answer "how am I different"? my stuff is not for "going it alone" meaning, lets say you climb in to the carseat and buckle in, once you hear the click you will sit there until someone lets you out (it takes a key to unbuckle) . my whole line is this way the harness, carseat, highchair, crib, swing, and walker.

    I have always known I was in to restraints (locking) and my favorite was my carseat. I made a deal with my girlfriend, I get in buckle up and she won't let me out for 8 hours. I put on a diaper because I might have to go, about 5 hours in I went and had to sit in them and that is when I knew I was an adult baby.

    as for my highchair it looks like a big Babee Tenda feeding table BabeeTenda safe baby furniture,no-tip table, with an added 5 pint harness.

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