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Thread: Pointing down VS up

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    Default Pointing down VS up

    I have found a interesting switch within myself, and I would like to hear if anyone experiences similar situations?

    If I point myself down into my diaper, I notice that I loose interest in getting off (probably due to my inability to do so) in my diapers completely. And feel like much more of a baby. And I love it.

    Likewise when I diaper myself pointed up, I find myself to be much more of a genuine sexual "diaper lover". Like I have always known myself to be. And do not feel like a baby in the slightest.

    The interesting part is that I have never felt like an AB until I did point myself down. I did so in the first place because I was annoyed with only getting the front of my nappy wet.

    Who would have thought that simple action would have opened my eyes?

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    I would assume it's to do with the material rubbing in certain places. I find if I'm pointing down I don't get aroused as much as if I were pointing up. However, I must say I've never felt more of an AB with it down than up - unless I was pitching a tent that is...

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    In all simplicity, I think it has to do with the fact that regressing with an erection is rather difficult for me. And It seems I never don't have one... thank you for your reply, I feel immensely awkward now I have thought it threw. Haha =)

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    I don't really notice a difference, I just go with how ever it lays when I diaper up. only time I really adjust is if I do it standing, then I point up just to make it easier.

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    I find that things fit better for longer if I point down. As bigb53083 said I also go with it when I get changed, but as soon as I can I point down.

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    I think it is more that when I get into little space I lose interest in the erection and I am more inclined to point it down so I don't "leak" when I "leak". (hehe)

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    y'know i've never had that experience. i've always tried to point down, but My switch when padded was always like playing roulette, totally random.
    This does make me think though, and now you've made me want to focus on the switch next time and see if i can regress.

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    pointing down is more natural position for it to go , where if its pointing up its rubbing more and is easyer to get it up. I always have it down tho, the position doesn't realy effect me

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    I prefer to point mine down since I feel safer and more protected this way. The diaper tends to leak when it is up.

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    Hmm, interesting point, I usually point down as I do have a mjor problem with leaks at the moment and I'm waiting for the NHS to provide me with some better (but much larger) pads to help with that, but wether I'm wearing pads, pants or nappies and pants, pointing down I can still get an erection,( although it can be slightly uncomfortable until everything get's into place) by the way getting an erection in a wet nappy doesn't mean you are turned on by it. Most men don't realise they have been having erections almost since birth. Male brains are hard wired to want to reproduce, that is our primary mission in life. so even a very young baby boy will get an erection when wearing a warm, wet nappy. Obviously in a baby it isn't functional, but the sensation tells our brain we should be ready for sex, hence the erection.

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