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Thread: Balloon Fetish!?!

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    Default Balloon Fetish!?!

    Balloon fetish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Well we learn something every day don't we??

    Do we have any people with this fetish on the board? The wiki article doesn't really explain it so what do you like about balloons?? Is it a bit like the entire companion cube thing (people found that more emotionally disturbing than the little sisters scene in bioshock!).

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    I would say that is weird, but hey, look at all of us- we have diaper fetishes. So I guess that is... interesting.

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    Balloon Fetish Goes Horribly Wrong - CollegeHumor Video
    There is a LOL and a half.

    I'm just failing to see how you can be 'sexually attracted' (WP claims its a sexual fetish) to balloons, unless its a object fetish (where you create a relation ship with an object).

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    An old friend of mine had this fetish, he talked about it a lot. Mostly he was sexually attracted to being inside balloons, or having balloons inflated inside his body. Granted he also had an inflation fetish as well.

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    Bit risky to engage in, in my opinion.
    Imagine humping it to get your rocks off and it pops... Fuck! I'd crap myself instead of shooting my load!
    And if it whacks my balls, too... Jesus!
    Certainly an interesting fetish, though. I'd love to hear quite how it works...

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    I have heard of it. Glad I don't have a balloon fetish. :P

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    Now, I wonder if you rub two "loonies"(?) together.
    Would they form a relationship? I've always been told there have to be a spark.
    There most likely to a spark in the bedroom too.

    I do say, what a spark of interest!

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    Kind of sounds like the most self rewarding fetishes honestly. You get to blow up the balloon, until it POPS! It is like a complete cycle.

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    Actual not always, their are two types of these "balloneys".
    Ones that like popping balloons and ones who don't, both of them *apparently* sometimes create a relation ship with their balloon and try to prevent it from popping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herobrine View Post
    I'm just failing to see how you can be 'sexually attracted' to balloons
    I'm also wondering how people can be sexually attracted to diapers...

    Oh, wait.

    TL;DR: If it's out there, there's gonna be a fetish/porn site about it.

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