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Thread: Adult Baby in the news in The Netherlands

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    Default Adult Baby in the news in The Netherlands

    As a DL this certainly came to me. On a Dutch forum I found a thread about a man visiting a mall dressed as a baby.

    Follow this link to see that movie. Contents and interview is all in Dutch.

    GeenStijl : Kiekeboe! Almeerse man doet baby na

    On this topic in the forum I found a few reaction that made me LOL !

    "If men are allowed to wear Uggs then this should be no problem"

    and another:

    "While camping I saw a women passing by. Half of her consisted of fat. THAT I found shocking!


    "If you as a women like this man, are you then a female pedo?

    And this one I found astonishing:

    "Leave him and let him do what he wants. Sex brings life, Religeon only takes life"

    And finally:

    If this man is not allowed to walk around like this, then, I find that we must forbid all men to wear sandals with white socks.

    3x LOL

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    I couldn't understand any of the video, but I did find odd his combination of a pink babyish onesie, cute white knee socks with a ribbon and then big, brown and bulky walking boots. They killed the baby image for me, I think he needs to get some cute sandals or something...

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    hehe.. what a country we have..
    ugly man + baby-dress = good
    beautiful woman + burqa = bad

    the shoes would've killed it for me too, if the general look of the guy hadn't already

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    ABDL + public don't mix for me. I prefer to keep all that stuff (other than wearing a diaper in public) at home. Glad he had the courage to pull that off, though. I just wonder what comments were made at the mall :|

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    It has taken me a long time to realise that wheras children are normally unself-conscious, older people regressing or enjoying infantilism are often very self concsious in public situations - fine if a strong social situation among friends - like marches etc. but otherwise having others who are not of the same persuasion aware of your proclivities does tend to spoil things - just my take on this and others wiill (I am sure) feel differently.

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    Kinda reminds me of the late Heidi Lynn. Not sure if anyone remembers that guy or not, but Heidi Lynn would go around Phoenix dressed as a baby girl and had appeared on several TV shows in the past. Most notably, the first Springer one with adult babies.

    Going out in public like that... not sure if I like that idea at all. Would I do it? No.


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    I don't speak Dutch and the clothing may very well be culturally significant to them, but what he was wearing didn't scream AB to me.

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