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Thread: Are diaper tight or loose more absorbent

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    Default Are diaper tight or loose more absorbent

    I'm not talking about the waist.I'm talking about the fluff.It is better when it's close your junk?

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    i usually put it on fairly "tight" and it will eventually sag a little as you fill it.. just dont cut off the circulation to your legs. that could be dangerous.

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    If it is a good seal it shouldn't matter because it either gets absorbed or leaks. There is no middle ground. That said you are better off if you get a distribution of fluid throughout the diaper as opposed to just at the front so a bit loose is better imo. Less clumping.

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    It's like a comfort zone, you do want it fairly tight, but not too tight to where gaps form around your legs and crotch. It will leak if its too tight (flooding). A diaper with a good wide crotch cut will be a great counter to that. That's why I hate all underwear like products. The crotch width is too narrow. I also will admit that I am not blessed with a big package or anything. There's no seal to prevent flow of urine if it goes to the side.

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    Diapers can absorb the most and tend to leak the least when the liquid can easily move to where there's dry padding, and when it's prevented from moving somewhere you don't want it.

    If your diaper is really tight around your junk, urine can't easily flow around to the lower crotch and rear of the diaper where there's the most padding. When laying on my back, pointed down, I find I get the best performance if I can pee and not even feel any urine anywhere around me, as it's hitting the crotch of the diaper and flowing straight down to the bottom and back where it gets absorbed. Too tight of a wrap in the crotch will lead to it backing up to the front and possibly leaking out the top or running off along the front wings, headed for a leak out the side of a wing.

    I've had good luck with taping my lower tapes DOWN onto the front wings so they seal around my legs. If you look at any of the diagrams on diaper bags they usually show the top tapes angled down, and the lower tapes angled up, and I think that's backwards. I had big problems leaking out the leg cuffs in front and in back when I taped that way.

    As for the top tapes, the tighter the better, as long as the tapes can hold. On diapers where the padding gets near the top in front (bambino, abena) I tape ABOVE the padding. There's less chance of a leak out the top if the padding at the top is loose and not under pressure from being at the tape line.

    BUT, I have problems with my skin getting irritated around the crotch area if the cuffs are too tight. So for me it's a balancing act.

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    As others have mentioned, the most important part is a good seal. You just don't get that with products like "Absorbent Underwear." Even most "real diapers" like Depends max don't provide a good enough seal because most of them are too narrow in the crotch.
    To answer your question more specifically, I find that a diaper that allows a good middle-ground between tight and loose is best. I find that if a diaper is compressed too tightly into the crotch, a flooding can sometimes overwhelm the padding's ability to absorb it quick enough, and a leak can result. Again, whether tightly or loosely fit to your body, the key is a good seal that directs all the pee into the absobent material of the diaper. This includes a generous leak guard and a nice, tight wide area to secure the tapes around your legs. Two of my favorite diapers for this are the Dry 24/7 and the Molicare Super Plus. Both of these, at least on my body type, feel snug around the leg gathers, but often the padding of the diaper is hardly felt, because when normally taped on it provides a nice little "pouch" where liquid can gather and be absorbed. The Dry 24/7 does this so well and efficiently that I find I can completely wet several times with no fear of leaks at all.
    In summary: somewhere in between is best to avoid leaks. If anything, slightly saggier is better because it gives pee a place to go to be absorbed. But the most important factor by far for avoiding leaks is to use a real quality diaper...there are only a few in the world that I know of that are nearly leakproof..and yes, thicknes is a must, no getting away from it. It's physics.

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