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Thread: What Makes Friends Special?

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    Smile What Makes Friends Special?

    Little by little, I seem to be making some friends here!! It has put me in very high spirits and has giving me a kooky sense of surreal belonging, which is a sensation I have never felt before.

    I have always been an observer, stuck on the outside always looking in. And never was good at making buddies,comrades,mates or sidekicks ..especially if the person was a male. Maybe because most typical males bond through competition.

    Females are a little easier to make friends because there is this natural - mommy/son, daddy/daughter, bro/sis element secretly going on...

    Anyways, what I was curious about was which traits are most important to You Guys in making a special and long lasting friendship ?

    .. my qualities that make a good friend ....

    1) enjoys to laugh and not take many things in life seriously
    i'm a silly spoiled 4/5 year old to the core soo this is super important.

    2) honest & patient in communication
    In any relationship there will always be miscommunications. Which leads to arguments and then fighting. So if your friend is patient with you, you will be able to solve most misunderstandings before they blow up.

    3) enjoys sharing ( balance in the relationship )
    Sucks when you are the one giving and giving to make the relationship it is nice if your friend has a fair sense of give and take.
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    I would echo your 3 points, and the only thing I'd want to add is we need to have a shared situation or interest - but then I guess that's how you make friends in the first place really!

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