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Thread: Diaper Doublers

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    Cool Diaper Doublers

    If you're wearing disposables, try a doubler either baby ones that you can sometimes still find in grocery stores or adult ones like AbriSan. Personally, I use one of the many baby diapers that I buy packages of from time to time to get the latest prints. I just open one up and place it in the front of the adult diaper. That way I can also get the feel of a real Pampers in the crotch.

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    Doesn't that look tacky?

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    I think I may be confused.. are you talking about putting the baby diaper over your adult diaper or inside? I know that typically they go on the inside but your post is confusing. Maybe it's just time for bed

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    I just normaly double up on what ever brand diaper I happen to be wearing if I want a thicker more adsorbant diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonnie View Post
    I just normaly double up on what ever brand diaper I happen to be wearing if I want a thicker more adsorbant diaper.
    Same thing for me here.

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    Booster pads are great things. I have tried using baby diapers as doublers but I find that it is not worth the effort when a real ones are cheap and work so much better.

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    I'm sure he means inside. and it usually helps to cut the wings off (without getting into where the padding is, you don't want to release the padding) and making slits in the back of the stuffer so it drains out into the outer diaper

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    My best combo is a doubler like tranquility top booster then I put a baby diaper like luvs on top of that inside a tranquility atn when wet the insides get really squshy and the liner underneath causes the wetness to flow the whole length of the diaper.

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    Yes, sorry about the confusion. I put the baby diaper inside so you unfortunately don't see the cute print on the outside but it definitely makes it thicker and a heck of a lot more absorbent. I think a small baby diaper (say size 6 or 7) is more absorbent than a cheap adult diaper.

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    I tried that with a Goodnite once. Felt a bit babyish but it didnt work so good XD

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