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    Anyone installed the new OSX Lion today? I did, and I'm just getting used to it a bit. One complaint I have is that the full screen view thing doesn't play well with dual monitors. If you make an application full screen on the macbook, the screen on the external monitor is useless for that 'space' - nothing can be placed in it. I would hope that they will fix this soon but it is pretty stupid overall...

    I do like the spaces feature, and I have it set up to switch between spaces with four finger swipe to left or right. I like how I can keep the calendar and mail in their own space and full screen all the time...never covering up anything.

    I'm still trying to get used to the opposite scrolling as well but it's ok. I like the updates to the calendar and mail apps as well as to Safari. Back and forward functions are really really cool graphically. I also like how I can see all my applications really quick with the launchpad thing. Expose works better as misison control as well because now it shows EVERYthing you have open. I like this.

    What are your thoughts for those of you who have begun using it?

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    I haven't even bothered to buy it ^_^ people say it's not as fantastic.

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    I am gonna get as soon as my new intel core 2 duo arrives. I can't run lion on a pentium 4

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    Tiger for the win. Apple screwed yet another architecture, 32-bit intel. Fucking power-pc was bad enough. Apparently a dual G5 is not powerful enough for secure web browsing according tao apple. Apparently an intel core solo mini is not capable either. Apple keeps screwing perfecly good machines. I run Tiger on an iBook G3 from 1999 and get along just fine. Apple is turning into a bunch of greedy fuckheads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverSmall View Post
    Apple is turning into a bunch of greedy fuckheads.
    Apple Has More in The Bank Than The US Government | Mac|Life I have to agree with you, then again most large businesses are.

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