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Thread: Anyone brave enough?

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    Default Anyone brave enough?

    I've been having a conversation with a friend about crazy European TV shows and he sent me a link to this:

    ‪Video Divertente: IL Pannolone!‬‏ - YouTube

    Now is anyone brave enough to pull this stunt without the candid camera?

    Little Lill

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    1. If i was a guy, maybe
    2.If i was in a different town, then my hometown maybe.
    Lool That video was funny.

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    No I would not, that is rude to the other people, Just because we like them others don't it just as bad as some one walking around nude in a public place. PLease don't give AB/DL's a bad name and respect the rights of others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post
    Lol great!! His diaper is so bad ass!! Thanks for the post.
    I'd totally rock that diaper! I don't know that I'd pull the stunt he pulled, but I'd definitely rock that diaper!

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    It all comes down to if there was anything in my system that shouldn't be there lol.

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    Don't worry, bboy, I'm not encouraging anyone to do this. I just thought it was a bit of fun on a hot summer night. I'm all about having a sense of humor when it comes to this sort of thing. Life is short and I love a good laugh. It looks to me like everyone is having a good time in the video.

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    That video IS pretty funny, but no. It's a private thing for me, and I dislike exhibitionism.

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    thats pretty down. I would maybe do it for money probably

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    I would do it in a heart beat, as long as I was in a country that did not arrest you for doing something silly.

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