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Thread: Hey out there... I am in a venting mood!!!

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    Default Hey out there... I am in a venting mood!!!

    I am new to and after about a week of roaming around the forums I have found the site to be very useful! A little about myself... I suffer from Chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome. If anyone here suffers from prostatitis they know that 3-6 months at a time, for no reason (which is the frustrating part), your prostate gets inflamed. For me this causes pain during "private time" with my wife, difficulty urinating and constant bladder infections during flare-up times.
    The pain during "private time" with my lovely wife is easy to handle and we were able to manage it with no trouble (My wife of 12 years is the most understanding loving woman I have ever met).
    The bladder infections, no problem, 10 days of antibiotics.... GONE.
    The difficulty urinating on the other hand is my bane. My doctor subscribed numerous muscle relaxers. Vicodin, Percocet, Klonopin, Valium, Zanaflex, Soma and so many others the first 6 months of my diagnosis that I can't remember the names to list them! They all tore my stomach apart, cramps all day long, headaches, you name it. Finally he tries 500mg of Flexeril twice a day and after day 1 no side effects, stomach feels fine, no headache, the only thing was I had a few leaks, and once didn't make it to the bathroom in time but had no pain in my pelvic area or behind! Then my wife and I spent some fun time together and no trouble there either!
    After about a week the Flexeril was doing great, except for having accidents I was feeling pretty good about the new meds. I went back for a follow up appointment and told my doc what the results were. I told him that I can deal with a few accidents if the rest of me works fine and he agreed. He told me if you can manage the incontinence during flare-ups we will run with it. So it's been almost three years and everything is still the same but I am content with it.
    Until now, other than my wife I have never "vented" about my condition, or disease as my doc calls it, but I felt comfortable enough to post here and maybe there are others out there like me.
    Sorry for venting and thanks for listening.

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    Thanks - Been there and done that - albeit with different drugs. The problem of getting the right treatment regime makes coming to terms with prostatits much more difficult and I guess you are not alone in having found something that works for you - good job you have! Have others found that prostatitis can go away of its own accord? I kept on taking the tablets until I realised I didn't need them any more and after one or two small flare ups have been pretty OK for a year.

    Like you I'd rather cope with incontinence than pain - and I guess most people would, although they might not want to admit expect in places like htis which are great for venting!

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