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    I have a neurogenic bladder and was wondering can i take a baby swim diaper tear open the side and place in my swim shorts. Do they only hold bm or do are they able to hold tiny bit of urine too. I can't fnd anything for those of us with bladder issuse not BM and really want to go to the beach but don't want to pe myself when laying on the beach or walking. I know I could go diapered change when I want to go swimming then put a diaper back on but then if I want to go back in the water it is a pain in the but. One other idea I had was get tight plastic pants with either a booster or baby diaper inside. Thank you for any help

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    Swim diapers are really only designed to hold BMs in the water. In order to hold urine whilst underwater a swim diaper would have to form a completely watertight seal around the legs and waist which would probably be incredibly uncomfortable to the wearer, and impractical if you are going to be at all active underwater.

    That said, most disposable and many reusable swim diapers are somewhat absorbent and would cope with holding at least small amounts of urine whilst you were out of the water. I would not trust a swim diaper with a flood, especially if you are using swim diapers designed for infants, but if you are not likely to void large amounts of urine they may hold up. However, bear in mind that once the diaper is saturated with seawater from swimming in the sea it is unlikely to be able to hold any more liquid without leaking, so after getting out of the sea/pool you would likely need to change the diaper before being able to trust it to reliably absorb more urine, so if you want something which allows you to get in and out of the water multiple times without needing to change I am not sure that a swim diaper would suffice.

    If you want something to absorb urine it needs to be dry to start with so I think that whatever you choose once you get out of the water you will likely need to change into a new diaper/ swim diaper in order to stay protected on the beach. If you only lose small amounts of urine than an alternative to a swim diaper/ booster bad might be a pair of absorbent cloth 'training style' pants or a cloth all-in-one worn with a pair of plastic pants under your swimshorts. These would not swell in the water, and although if wet after swimming you would probably still need to change into a new, dry pair of pants for them to absorb urine you could then go into the sea again if you wished, and they have the benefit of being reusable and thus may be cheaper in the long run.

    Some online stores do also sell reusable adult swim-diapers, some of which are designed to look like regular swim shorts. It may be that if you contact a store which sells such swim diapers they will be able to better advise you on whether they design any products which are designed to absorb urine and be used in and out of the water, without changing, multiple times in one day.

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    This is a really dififcult one to answer. The kind od swim diaper mentioned by babyjess is shown at Gabby's Adult Pull On Swim Diaper - The description indicated that it is designed to let urine pass through - but it does have a cotton liner. If you wore something like this under your swimwear might it be possible to use a disposabe pad inside when you were out of the water? Some are very small and discrete and it might not be too difficult to slip them in and out in a toilet or behind a windbreak.

    This is not going to be much help - but its probably a question of physics - if an ordinary pad/diaper is immersed in water it will swell to capacity and be very obvious as well as being useless at containing your pee if you need to use it.

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    Thank you all for your help with someone would create one for those of us with bladder incont. I was reading the reviews on huggies website and there was one a parent thoght they were like pulls apparently they not only let water out but urine too. I found a pair of plastic pants that are tight but not uncomfortable and tried a liner type pad and it worked success.

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    Glad you solved it - IC brings out the best kind of ingenuity, probably because life would be very limited if we didn't find ways to cope.

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    Found 2 soulutions I think both are from the same company but look different here is the links

    e-Special Needs | Swim Diapers | Swim Briefs
    Discovery Trekk Swim Diapers / Containment Briefs XS- XL at AquaGear&reg Swim Shop
    I am going to call them in the morning to confirm they will hold a little then I am ordering

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    Hi Sgt, to be honest your best bet is to phone the swimming pool you want to use and ske them what their policy is, normally there is enough chlorine or equivalent in a pool to neutralise any urine you may pass and unless the US is different to the UK there isn't a dye in the water that reacts with urine to mark you as the guilty party. You will find most pools are sympathetic. If they do require you need protection they will probably be awrae of the type you need and where you cann get it from.

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    Thank you for the reply I end up buying the Discovery Trekk swim diapers I have found that alone they can hold one small wetting before leaking so when I went to the beach I put a size 6 baby diaper inside them before swiming took it out and went swiming and replaced it swiming. I was so happy finnally able to go to the beach again.

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