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    Default Adorable Feral Foxie

    Bark Yip Yip! *spins around and pounces at the ground*

    Hey all~ *wags tail* i'm a cute adorable feral south american patagonian grey fox, who likes to play and be cuddled and pet :3 and i'm good with computers and troubleshooting problems, i go to furry conventions when i can and i'm a fursuiter (currently building my own, but have lots of experience). i can draw somewhat, sing, and kinda play the piano and guitar some but i'm not that great lol. i enjoy second life and talking to my friends, being spoiled, and take care of a few cubs of my own (they're real sweeties)

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    Hi! good to see another BF on the site! we need all we can get

    look around and enjoy yourself, you'll find most of the members here are willing to chat and are very nice.

    I'm a fox too, and I've got a buddy who is also. but we're red *sticks tung out*

    Hope you like adisc


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    Hey there,
    welcome to Adisc!
    I'm a BF too... 'cept.. I'm a wolf (black and purple)
    I hope you have a good time here

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    Hello Fox-chan,
    Welcome to ADISC! It's good to see more BF's here! I myself am a red foxie with black accents. Although I identify both as a cub, and a Momma Fox. (Mostly as a Momma Fox).

    But anyway... I hope you enjoy ADISC and find what your looking for.


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