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Thread: Comedies - what are some good ones?

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    Default Comedies - what are some good ones?

    Looking through my DVD collection, I realize that there is a serious comedy deficiency within it. I have a lot of South Park, I have a couple of Judd Apatow productions, and I am embarrassed to admit that I actually purchased Freddy Got Fingered. Outside of that, there really are not that many very funny things to be found in my collection.

    I don't like most films with Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell as leading performers, but that has more to do with the lousy material they choose to work with than anything else.

    So, name some comedies that are great, and I will seek them out.

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    Well as far as English comedy goes:
    Fawlty Towers - can't go past that, and a great shame there were only 12 episodes.
    Red Dwarf - later series' became a bit "thin" but there's some good moments in the earlier ones.
    Monty Python - can't go past it!

    Non-English (inferior :P) comedy:
    Futurama - it's supposed to be a comedy anyway
    Archer - it's kind-of like if James Bond and his entire agency were completely incompetent :P

    Hope this gets you started

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    Do you have any of Kevin Smith's stuff (Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats, et cetera).

    I've also always enjoyed Monty Python, as well.

    More as I think of them...

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    As for TV Series...

    The IT Guys
    Big Bang Theory
    Shin Chan (Hilarious as hell anime)
    Two and a half men

    As for movies...

    I like Adam Sandler movies, but I'll leave those ones out. However Just Go With It was great imo.
    What about...

    Liar, Liar
    The Hangover
    Almost anything with Ben Stiller (Aside from zoolander)
    Pet Detective
    Deuce Bigolo
    Road Trip, Euro Trip, Boat Trip

    my mind isn't working very well... but there's a few.

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    You want some good stuff? If you like South Park, then I'm sure you have other Matt Stone and Trey Parker stuff. If not, then drop what you're doing and go get Baseketball and Orgasmo! Right now! Basketball is better and better each time I watch it!

    Hot Rod is a great movie too, and I can't recomend it enough. Great cast, great idea, great movie.

    Other good stuff:
    Gramdmas Boy
    Beer League
    Super Troopers
    Tropic Thunder

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyArtie View Post
    Father Ted really ought to be on the list.
    in fact, BabyArtie, you sorta remind of that character in Father know the one.... :p
    (it's a free joke, people. and i've been waiting ages for the opportunity. stop complaining)

    the IT Crowd is good; and i disturb myself by thinking that Moss is cute.
    My Name is Earl.
    The Munsters.
    Les Vacances de M. Hulot.
    Not Going Out (for the continual one-liners; it's just like real life!).
    National Lampoon's Vacation series (which includes the best theme song, Holiday Road, ever)

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    well the other guys was pretty good...
    the 40 year old virgin, the hangover (1&2), easy A, the green hornet, hall pass, anchorman: the lengend of ron burgundy (will ferrell is one of the leads so idk)

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    well i like jim cery so ace ventura pet detective and sequel when nature calls
    wild hogs is good if its sit coms u want and not movie try home improvement theres 8 seasons in total

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaworuVsDrWily View Post
    and I am embarrassed to admit that I actually purchased Freddy Got Fingered Frisbee.
    I fixed it for you.

    Anything Monty Python
    Whale Wars

    All 3 are comedic goldmines

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