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Thread: Anybody else remember Leisure Suit Larry?

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    Default Anybody else remember Leisure Suit Larry?

    No, I am not talking about that horrible excuse for a game that came out for the 360 a couple of years ago.

    Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was a staple in many PC gamers' collections back in the late '80s. It also happens to be the very first video game that I played to completion, which was a miracle seeing as most of the sexual humor was flying right over my 9-year-old head.

    The second game was decent (but it wasn't very pervy). The third game was pretty weak. There was no part four, but part five was barely even a game as it offered no real challenge whatsoever. I haven't played the one in the health spa, and I haven't played Magna Cum Laude. Box Office Bust, however, is a disgrace to the series.

    I was wondering how many other people here had memories of the original LSL games. They were so controversial when they first came out, but in comparison to the sexual content in games like GTA, they really are incredibly tame.

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    Oh man! Leisure Suit Larry. Wow. That game IS a classic. I remember playing that for the first time in '95! Wow, that does bring back memories. I remember him and the game. I remember finding the game hilariously dirty funny. I loved it when you got to see computer generated boobs. lol.


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    I actually never played any of them sadly, I remember the name well though. Speaking of Box Office Bust, I think the Saturday Crapshoot covered it a couple months back, I'll go get the link in a bit to get a bit of a laugh/memories =P

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    How old are you?
    > 100 years
    Yeah right!

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