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Thread: Hmmm.

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    Default Hmmm.

    Guess I can't get away with not posting this time.

    So I'll just do some interesting stuff.

    * I'm 16
    * I live in the Netherlands
    * I already have trouble thinking of good stuff.
    * This is going to be the last one.

    Hope that has been educational. :P

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    It's ok, I feel like I know you better from IRC than anything

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    Well, the last one was a surprise at least. Glad you're/we're back.

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    see? that wasn't so hard, was it? now you have your very own greetings thread!

    see you in the IRC channel.

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    ... *takes a long whiff...* YEeah i can smellt in the air the good old days have returned

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    Nice to have you back, Martin! Sorry for your short reign as a mod in the old forums. However, it seems we are all adjusting back to normal. Hope to see you around!

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