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Thread: My first hard drive.

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    Default My first hard drive.

    I remember, at about 20 or 21 years ago, my family got a computer with a hard drive in it.

    It held a full 10MB of data. At the time, I thought it was all the space anybody would ever need.

    Yeah, those were the days when most top-of-the-line PC games with the highest end graphics consisted of far less than 2MB of data. Gotta love them.

    Heh, anybody else have memories of ancient computer equipment like that?

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    Oh yeah!

    1986 Olivetti M24, 10 Mb HDD (optional!), 5,25" floppy drives, 640 Kb Ram (expanded!!) running Dos 3.20, Windows 1.03, Wordstar (word processor) and Multiplan (spreadsheet). Monochromatic (green) screen, although the color one was offered as optional. The first PC my dad bought, we've still got it and it still works!

    The second one, an year later (and still working too) was an Olivetti M240, not much different, but with a luxurious 20 Mb HDD!

    Then in 1991 came the Epson 386, 8 Mhz 32 bit Intel processor switchable to 16 Mhz with the "Turbo" button, equipped with 80 Mb HDD and a 3,5" floppy drive. It ran Dos 6.something, to which I soon added Windows 3.1 and later 3.11.

    How damn noisy (and slow) were the dot matrix printers that came with those PCs?!?

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    Memories.. I still have some of it kicking around ;p

    I still have my old Dragon32 (TRS-80 clone... based on the same MC6883 (SAM) chip). Still have some tapes for it.. but don't have a compatible player. 32K ram which was upgraded to 64K.
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    Hmm. I remember my parents getting an Acorn Electron (cut-down version of the BBC Micro) in 1986. Only 32KB RAM, and loaded programs from audio cassette. Chain "Program". Press play, then go and make a cup of tea!

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    I'm not even sure if our first family computer had a hard drive. I was pretty young at the time, all I remember is loading everything off those 5.25" floppy disks. We later had a 386 which had something like a 100MB hard drive in it. It was running windows 3.1 when I rembember using it. But like the last computer, I can't remember too many details on that computer either, as I was still fairly young and didn't care much about the specs at the time.

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    I don't recall how big the HDD was in my first computer but I know by todays standards it would be laughable. It was around 1990 or so. Even the one we got in like 2000 had a 80 GB drive. the one im am on right now had a 320 Gb drive and it failed.

    Now I got a 500 GB drive in it, a 80 GB drive in it and a 1TB external drive on it.

    I also got a 100 GB drive solely for the Wii, for now. Also my phone as a 2GB memory card in it. <_>

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    I don't know if it counts, but I have a couple of Commodore 64's and a few Amiga 500's, one of which has the hard drive expansion. I think it's 120MB and 1MB of ram. I didn't own them from new, though, I scored them from a shed cleanout a few months ago. All works too

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    Well, I think when it comes to old-school computers, I could recount my memories of my great-grandparents' PC, back when I was 3 or 4. It had data tapes and an 8" floppy drive. Nice!

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    old dell xps came with a whopping 8 GB hdd, 128 MB ram, pentium II at 233 MHz, and was made before my of the line back than.

    i rarely use it...obviously :P
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