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    Couldn't find a thread about buying diapers in the uk, I've only mainly found ones about USA.

    Will I find them in lidli (not sure if that's spelt right) and what makes best?

    Thanks Hol

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    Try these, if you can't find them then check ASDA because some of the larger ones carry excellent TENAs that are really absorbent.

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    Thanks. I'll try lidli first cos i know nobody I know shops there. But if I fail k go asda if there's one in walking distance. If not what about sainsburys?

    Thanks Hol

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    Never tried Sainsbury's or Tesco but I doubt that they'd have anything worthwhile. Maybe try a disability shop in your area if that fails otherwise you'll have to settle for poorer quality diapers I'm afraid.

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    Sainsburys is not cheap lol i doubt I'll go there like I know too many people there. So hoping lidl has some in. Though it won't be while september.

    Thanks Hol

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