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    This may be kinda random but i was wondering like does anyone else who is in high school now or looking back feel that it took forever or went by fast? Like its probably me but like since i remember esp. in the 8th grade both my parents and basically every adult ive ever talked to told me that high school went by very fast and that i should enjoy it. At this point i think its taking 4ever and im just waiting to go to college. Like the 2 years ive been there seem as though they were stretched into 12. So my question to all of you who have graduated or are still in high school is how fast or slow does high school seem to you?

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    During the whole 14 years I attended school each year seemed to creep by. Only towards HS did they seem to go a bit quicker. However, I made up for that by failing the 10th grade, so even HS also took a long time to get through due to my failure.

    Now, once I entered the working world after graduating everything quickly changed. The years started going by much more quickly. It was a very noticable difference between the passing of a school year and that of a work year. At least for me it was.


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    At school you think it's taking forever and you just want to leave. Once your out you think it went by way to fast. I guess spending 12 or so years of your life in an institution really makes you conditioned to it.

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    Grade 9 and 10 went by pretty fast. In Grade 10 I ended up getting into a bit of trouble so I switched schools. The new school absolutely adored me. So I think I might have went 3 months in Grade 11, and about 6 months on and off in Grade 12. I was allowed to take everything home to do it, since it was a bit aways from my home. (I got away with a lot more than others did.)

    I made a choice in June to, instead of graduating, go back to my home school and take a few more classes. I need a couple sciences to get into Nursing, I could've done that in University and paid for it, or I can do it in Highschool for free. So I'm holding off my diploma, and taking another year of grade 12 this year.

    All in all it's gone by pretty fast, and even though I'd love to be done with it, I'll cherish this last year I have.

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    It went by fast for me though it did take more then 4 years.

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    My year went By fast although All I did was Help at school dances and Sleep like a Drunk high dude and do Drugs. Hopefully I don't fall back into this habits this year. I also got into Fights and saids sexual stuff in class. XD my teachers loved me XD.

    But yeah My school year went by fast and I'm planning on enjoying it this year. AND NOT DOING DRUGS.

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    It always seems quicker reflecting on it in retrospect than when it is happening.

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    I miss those days so much, life was so much easier back then!! I would gladly take homework over work & tests over bills!!

    All those in high school still; enjoy it, live it up & have fun with it, because you only get to do it once!!

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    idk like high school just seems really boring like i feel like im ready to move on sort of like id be ready for some kind of change cuz right now it seems to me like high school is never ending. I guess u start feeling like ud be willing for any kinda change when you reach a point in your life thats become stagnant

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    Well I just graduated this year and I can Honestly say that HS flew by especially my senior year. Now we all are moving off to different colleges next month and I want get to see some of my close friends everyday anymore like I have for the past 13 years. We were all taking the other night and someone said (not me but I agree 100%) I'm tired of growing up can we go back to Kindergarten. Enjoy it while your there because I see now what everyone was saying when they told me that. College isn't as great as they make it out to be its alot of work and stress.

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