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Thread: Front wetting diaper? Advise! Please!

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    Question Front wetting diaper? Advise! Please!

    Hey, sorry if this is a repeat thread, I was wondering if anyone could give me advise on a diaper... I've got a 32 waist and am looking for a diaper for front wetting I guess? I'm a side, and occassionally belly sleeper, and I'd like to order a diaper that I dont have to worry so much about my 'possition'. kind of a big part of being able to just relax and not worry about it?

    I've got money and can order online so anything goes

    Thank you guys for the help

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    The most diapers can hold regardless on how you sleep and position. It just depends on how fast it can absorb it. I sleep on my belly and well i point myself down, it does move around over the course of the night so i might not hit the right spot all the time when sleeping.

    I find good way to make sure it does not leak when laying on your belly or sides is to have some of the ruffles on the top and sides tucked in so it acts like a gutter and help guide the flow. Also having some plastic pants would really help.

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    I've never actually slept while padded, although here in a few weeks, I'll have my first chance in a while. The closest I have come is lying down for hours on end, watching cartoons or other media. Since during some of that time I was under the influence of painkillers, I guess I was a point.

    From that experience, I can say that most diapers will work just fine. It's really nothing terribly complex: the thicker the padding, the more that can be absorbed. I suppose I would recommend cloth with plastic pants for overnight periods. However, I know more than a few who prefer Abenas and they seem to work great.

    Sorry I don't have anything more specific. Basically, if the padding's thick, it'll do the trick.

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    If you can only go in stores i would say Goodnites/drynites or depends max protection.
    If you can order online i'lld say abenas or bambinos but there are better ones online

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    You want a diaper with leak barriers (sometimes called cuffs, anti-leak guards or gathers) -- a couple of lines of fabric that run the length of the diaper on either side of the crotch.

    Molicare Super Plus and Abena X-Plus have them. You can see them in this picture.

    Also, wear a stretch pant over your diaper. It will help keep your equipment in place.

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    For wetting in bed I recommend some kind up underpad until you really know the capabilities of your diapers. With the penis pointed down and centre most adult diapers can handle wetting laying on the belly or even the side if you take it slow. But it is really easy to go too fast and have it spill out over the top or get crooked and slip out between the leak guards and legs. Underpads mean that you can just relax and let it flow. If you leak you don't even need to change your PJs right away. Which is a real improvement over madly striping the sheets to protect the mattress.

    Booster pads really help for guys since most adult diapers are designed with women in mind. The padding in the back of my diapers almost never gets used but my female friend can completely soak hers without intentionally changing positions and stuff.

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    I have slept in Cushies, bambinos and abena xplus. I have found that the abena xplus held the most, the bambinos where very comfy, but I found the cushies good for not leaking, I think it is because of the single tape sides. They dont create a gap between the taps when you are on your side.

    Hope this helps

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    I agree, the Abena X-Plus is the best absorbency for front or side sleepers. If you use those and still have a leaking problem try using a booster pad. I wear the Abenas every night and they rarely leak and if so at the leg cuffs for some reason.

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    whatever disposable you wear will be more prone to leaking if you sleep on your side. keep your penis pointed down into the middle of the diaper for certain. stuffers can help. Most won't leak if you wet while on your back unless you flood and its on loose or you overrun the capacity.

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    Cloth and plastic pants will give you the best protection while sleeping regardless of position.

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