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    Default Good tips for health

    Well there are some tips that i want to share here because i am health conscious and every one should be health conscious so i would like to say that
    1. Eating balance diet is good for health
    2. Walk is very necessary
    3. Maximum use of fruits and vegetables
    4. Maximum use of juices
    5. Breakfast necessary and although you leave lunch that's alright but don't leave breakfast and dinner.
    6. Avoid smoking
    7. Do some exercises daily like running, jogging and swimming

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    Make sure to work out your heart. Don't want to have a heart attack when you're 30.

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    I think Mental & Emotional Health are the most important things to keep in check.

    You need to find way to love yourself and be happy because Depression, Stress and Anxiety are killers!

    I know when I am Depressed I will sleep all day and not have the energy to be active.
    If I get an Anxiety Attack there is no way that I am going to the gym..I am going to sit and play video games and eat candy all day and gain like 5 pounds!!

    So please do not over look your Mental & Emotional Health.

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