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Thread: IC people do you ever go in your diapers when you could make it to the toilet?

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    Default IC people do you ever go in your diapers when you could make it to the toilet?

    I wear because I have bowel control issues. I have pretty good control of my bladder. But sometime I wet because I don't feel like going to the toilet. Like when I wake up at night needing to go, or when I'm busy watching tv or on the computer. Do any other IC people use there diaper when they could use the toilet?

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    I too have bowel issues (and I wet the bed), but for the most part I have good control over my bladder during the day. I actually do prefer to just use my diaper though. It's easier, and more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

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    Honestly "Yes" - but not always. I try to maintain control whenever possible but can be lazy and just do it in my nappy if it needs changing anyway or I don't want to stop what I am doing to run to the toilet. A complicating factor is that it is very discouraging to start the journey to the bathroom only to find you are too late anyway and have done it by the time you get there. Like 1983cpdude I will just pee if I wake up needing to go as inevitably the diaper will already be wet or dirty to some extent and - for instance - I am not going to deal with a messy one at 5.00am just so as to be able to go in a toilet if I can pee and then roll over and go back to sleep until the alarm goes off at7.30. This may be offensive to some but if you have to endure IC you have the right to be a comfortable as you can with it!

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    I am lucky to have good bowel control, but I do sometimes wet my diaper if I have a nosey guest visiting. I have gone upstairs to use the toilet in the past and I know he`s been looking through private documents while I was away.

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    I'm sure just about all people that wear do sometimes get "lazy" especially if it's not easy to get to bathroom.

    Remember using the bathroom when you have on a diaper is not as easy at it might sound. Sometimes at least.

    But luckily I'm not bowel ic. For me it's the other way.

    I used to also be able to go the whole day without too much trouble. Just frequent bathroom breaks to make sure I don't have an issue.

    But yes at a concert I've been lazy and use my diaper insted of waiting in a really long line at the bathrooms.

    But I try to make it anytime I can. Try to go before bed. And try to be as regular as possible.

    But these days I'm in a diaper just about 24/7 outside my house.

    Inside I try to go without, it's probably weird for some people to see but if you have to wear almost all the time it's nice to take a break and o without. Also it's nice for keepin rashes at bay too...


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    Very interesting questions (can't answer because I'm not IC).

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    yes i use my diapers for wetting purpose, since i am incontince, but i still have my bowels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiddles View Post
    ... if I have a nosey guest visiting.
    If found a "guest" nosing through my papers it would definitely be the last time they've seen the interior of my house.
    Can't be having with that sort of thing

    But to the op's question: yes, definitely. When I'm full awake my bladder control is extremely strong, probably because of me having tried so hard. I can usually outlast all guys on long car trips B)
    But when I'm getting drowsy my bladder control fades too. I usually put on my diaper after dinner, and if I'm getting sleepy before going to bed I sometimes notice that something starts to trickle, that I probably still could stop, but only by waking myself up fully again. Running to the washroom etc. would do that, but then the trickle only stops temporarily, to resume when I doze away again. Sometimes I just can't bother ... the thing's going to be wet anyhow most of the time next morning.

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    I have IC with bladder near toilet accidents during the day (wearing pullup pants) to keep in control all day and usually wears diapers at night wetting due to muscle spasms. Rarely got small bowel accidents at the stores four times within two years. Luckly, I got spare pullup with me in that case. I have to keep my fluids to a minimum while in a long traveling helps me less accidents.

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    I used to have genuine accidents during the daytime, I would feel the need to pee and start to head for the toilet, often not making it before I started peeing.
    Because I could feel the need to pee, I would get into a right fight with my bladder trying to fight the spasms of it trying to empty, as my condition got worse I gradually realised that I was wasting my time, trying to hold it back for more than a few seconds.

    I now just relax and let it flow either into my nappy or the legbag, I have no control at all if Im tired or sleeping.
    I used to get annoyed at being wet during the daytime but have learned that it's just part of being incontinent so I don't really bother about trying to hold it these days, It's going to happen anyway so why fight it?

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