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    Im Aranos 20 years old and I have interest in Diapers and I found this site and looked at it a few times, little skeptical on joining but I did. My interests are Bike riding when its not hot. listening to music, Watching movies, Watching anime and playing games. I am a DL, and like diaper Fur o.O seems a little odd to like those things but Gawd I feel like some creepy person when I think of it :/.

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    No need to feel creepy, friend. As you can clearly see, there are more than a few people who share similar tastes. Welcome to the club. What's your favorite anime, BTW? I'm a fan myself.

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    I like multiple. I love code geass. Bleach. Wolfs rain, full metal alchemist. Full metal panic... There was more but I forget them. And thanks for welcoming me. Nice too meet you

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    Mountain or Road biking, I need to pull my mountain bike out of mothballs and start riding again.

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    Just regular bike riding like in a neighbor hood you know?

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