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Thread: Any parents out there?

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    Default Any parents out there?

    I've never seen this question on a forum. I'm not trying to kill it for the babies that are, but I was just curious, are you a parent? What would you think if they came to this site? Do you care to mention anything about your kids, age, gender, etc.?

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    Great question!! I hope my dad is not on here spying on me..i would freak!

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    I have three kids, they are 20, 19, and 7. Whatever their sexual orientation, desires, etc. are is up to them. If they were here, I might be a little surprised, but they would probably figure out who I am before I figured out who they were.

    Believe it or not, I try to let them have some semblance of privacy (especially the oldest two).

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    I'm a parent, but it feels really wierd to say. My son is 10 weeks old, so he's not on here at all. lol. He does wear diapers though...

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    Parent here. have a 7, 6, and 4 year olds..
    so still a little early in their lives to be getting into much of this topic..
    but if they ended up being a TB/DL, i would quite honestly rather they end up on this site than some others i have seen. I have a long list of kinks, and try to keep them all from my kids, and to date (mostly due to their indifference) I have succeeded. I really dont worry about finding out about a kink, gay, or whatever from them, as that would be pot calling the kettle black if I tried to be closed minded about it.
    I actually worry more about the reverse and what they will think of their parents one day when/if they find out about us! I know the vast majority of the readership on this site is "how do i hide it from my parents"... I am in the group of "how do i hide it from my kids"

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    I'm a parent too, and have a 5-year-old girl and a 3-year-old girl.

    It's a little early for me to ponder their independant and fully-literate use of private forum websites, but I hope that when the time comes I'll be suitably understanding and not hypocritical about how they choose to live.

    I consider my life as a DL slightly harder than it would be if I were not a DL. I don't want to make my kids' lives harder than they will already be, so I can only hope I'm not sending out any subliminal contagious DL brainwaves :-)

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    I have a 13-year-old, and he's only online at his mother's place. I doubt seriously he could even find his way here, never mind figure out who I am on this forum.

    Either way, I've had tougher conversations with him already, I can't imagine this would be any worse.

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    Quite a few of us are parents though I doubt you would find a parent and child meeting here outside the story section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBeau View Post
    I'm a parent, but it feels really wierd to say. My son is 10 weeks old, so he's not on here at all. lol. He does wear diapers though...
    Ohohoho! I see what you did thar!

    I once thought my mom was on another forum asking questions about TB stuff back when me and her were fighting... it was kinda crazy! But, wasn't here. *Sighs in relief*

    And, I'm 16... and gay. If I have a kid, I must've had a SCREWED UP night that I don't remember... but so wish I would xD

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    I have 3 children all of whom are now grown up and have homes of their own. I would feel as uncomfortable sharing a forum like this with them, as I would discussing these things with them in real life.

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