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Thread: An introduction

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    Default An introduction

    Sadly, this is not my first post. I should have posted here first, I guess, but i'm bad at reading yellow banners.

    My (real) name is Mary, and i'm 16. I'm a DL, though i've never really had the chance to try real diapers out. I've never really experimented with TB stuff, so for all I know I might be one of those, too.
    This is the first website i've been a part of, not counting one or two others where I just read the stories, mostly because i'm sort of embarrassed by this. As in, I don't even write about this aspect of my life in my diary or anything. And no one else knows, either.

    As for my other hobbies, etc, I like drawing, doodling specifically. I'm also way into theater and singing, and am told i'm pretty good. Video and picture editing is my passion. When I grow up, i'd like to have a career in marketing.

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    Welcome SuperCookie. Are you into going to the theater or actually acting in productions? When I was your age I really enjoyed the acting part but now I enjoy going to see others do the acting.

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    I am an actress, myself, although I have a strong appreciation for Shakespeare.

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    Welcome to adisc

    Your going to find that your not alone in regaurd to being embarrased and not telling anyone, Thats how alot of us are, and thats why ADISC is here
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    Welcome to the site Mary

    Good job on the introduction. I hope you will find us warm and inviting as well as informative and supportive.

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    Nice, you did an intro thread! You're an actress? That's awesome! I tried to dabble into theater arts but for some reason the teacher just HATED me and kicked me out. o-o Now in regular art I was legend, or so the art teacher said. I think I stink! XD I love to doodle too, and I draw cartoons and such! Maybe I'll upload them and share!

    You edit videos I see, that can land you a good job if you're committed!

    As for *B/DL, I was the same way when I got here. I was scared to tell ANYONE about this side of me! And I'm so glad I found this website so I can actually talk about my problems to people who can understand where I'm coming from.

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    Welcome to the site SuperCookie. (sorry I'm just weird about using real names online unless it's someone I know)

    It is a real pleasure to make your acquaintance. I used to take drama in high school but then I fell out of interest with it. I did enjoy it a lot though and I made a lot of friends.

    I wish you the best here at ADISC, and in the future with your acting. I also love Shakespeare. My favorites are Othello, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Although, just about any of his work will do.

    Don't worry, we are all nervous at first. There are some good people here and I hope that you get to meet and make friends with them. After a while you'll feel more comfortable and find other people who share similar interests or issues.

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    cool! someone my age who likes Shakespeare,this is interesting

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    Hey, Ive read about every story I could find, glad to see another reader out there. Wierd we've got a few things in common. What do you doodle and draw? I draw alot but i do bigger pieces then doodles. And i do video editing as well, what programs do you use?

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    Hello there, welcome. Yes, it's a big step to sign up somewhere, I remember way back when, surfing and looking and keeping my details to myself... I hope you will be as happy. Really, it is a great feeling to be part of a big, and growing, and downright nice and accepting community.

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