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Thread: I Join you now!

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    Default I Join you now!

    Hello fellow furries of ADISC! I have decided once and for all, I am indeed... A littlefur.

    Hehehe I think I'm a fox, mostly because my first exposure to furries was Blue Glow, so I knda attached to the animal...

    I'll be getting my avitar from furaffinity soon I hope

    Anyway, Thank you guys for being so welcoming to new members!


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    Well let me be the first to welcome you to the community and point out that most of us don't bite. Oddly enough, my first encounter with the community was also with blue glow (i should also point out that he wrote a sequel if you didn't know) and I'm also a fox. I sugest just jumping and making lots of friends, it's more fun that way.

    Anyways, hope you have fun

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    Okay, who left the mind control machine on again?...Oh whatever,
    welcome to littlefurdom! Population: unknown +1

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    Oops my bad I guess I forgot to flip the switch off. Though seriously you may want to wait until you get a character nailed down before you get some art made, still welcome to the fandom!

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    One of us... One of us...

    In all seriousness, welcome!

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    It's been said, but still can't be said enough...

    Welcome! Glad to have you amongst our ranks! ^_^

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