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    Default Your first time?

    Hey guys! I just had the best experiance of my life last night (okay maybe not the best) the craziest thing happened! I Regressed! So Don't go eye rolling me, this was my very first time.

    I just got some molicares (yay!) and tried them on for the first time last night, and started thinking about my possible 'cub out' with my friend, and blah blah blah long story short, It was amazing, I'm a VERY held back person so experiacing the lack of inhibitions among other things was a great feeling, i made me just want to curl up and snuggle with someone and whatch cartoons or something *not like me... at all...*

    So anyway, that was my very first time, what about you guys? tell me about the first time (you can remember).

    Oh, and I'm officially brand new to this thing, so i you have any comments or Tips.Tricks please post them too

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    The first time I wore properly I couldn't get over the shame, it just didn't quite feel right to be wearing. The second time, I had bambinos - they fit the purpose, but I didn't know enough about myself to enjoy them properly for regression.

    Once I started regularly wearing, some days I'd just enjoy the comfort, but sometimes I'd feel really small, and actually start to regress properly. Though, this is usually best with my partner!

    As for comments/tips, you can only do what feels good for you - so imagine you are small, use a paci/bottle/diaper etc. But it's all in the mind - when you are relaxed enough to feel small, it'll start to happen naturally!

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    I actually can't remember the first time I regressed... My whole ABDL life has basically been a whirlwind of trial-and-error, emotional anguish and blank spaces in my memory.

    I've done it, I still do it, that's about all there is to it.

    ... Damn, I'm really not interesting at all.

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    Mine was a bit of a strange one: I was suffering from regular panic attacks at the time (due to still battling with acceptance), and after I had a particularly bad one, I literally froze with fear in the car passenger seat. So my mum not really knowing what to do helped me into to the house, upstairs and onto my bed. She then left to sort out some work things, and I literally just curled up on my bed and started sucking my thumb, feeling scared and alone.

    For the next 20 mins my mind just felt numb... I guess it was some sort of regression, or maybe just some sort of extreme coping mechanism, I have no idea. When it was over, I wasn't feeling myself and felt confused for a while.

    Thankfully I don't get panic attacks these days as I've mostly accepted myself now and feel comfortable with my interests. As a result, I've had some much more positive regressions such as: Being padded in bed with my paci and cuddly toy, and then fidgeting about like babies do or just being all snuggly - that seems to do it for me.

    I think regression is different for everyone, so I only have one tip: just do whatever feels nice

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    mine was when i was in a diaper, sucking a paci, and squeezing a stuffed animal. Oh! and watching lilo and stitch. then i ventured off trying to look for a stuffed animal i did not have possession of.

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    Ohh, I remember my first regression well.
    I had just discovered my ABDL side. I made a makeshift (not for wetting, but just for padding. A bag of plushie stuffing in regular underwear.) I lay under the covers with my plushie Cartoon and giggled at "ICarly" while sucking my thumb... goood times...

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    I had my first time a few months ago it was awesome. I used a diaper given to by my girlfriend (unknown brand). I buckled myself in a home-modified car seat and was safely buckled in for 8 hours about 5 hours in I had to go. It was great I love them now and I have now came to the realization "I am an adult baby!"

    I'm new in this forum so not every one knows but I build adult baby things you can't get out of with out your mommy or daddy.

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    It's hard to determine the 'first' time I regressed. To the best of my knowledge, I believe it was way back when I was seven. We were visiting friends of the family and their daughter, who was about a year older than I, decided to make me her baby in order to play house. She put a makeshift diaper on me (nothing inappropriate happened) and I proceeded to act out the role.

    I knew that I was already pretty young as it was, but I also will never forget that helplessness I felt from role-playing. I knew I was returning to an even younger age; I felt it deep down in my heart. I remembered how blissful and peaceful I felt. I just sat on the couch with a stuffed animal and watched cartoons. So, I guess I have to consider that my first regression.

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