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Thread: Suggestions for a nice present for my boyfriend who is a DL

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    Lightbulb Suggestions for a nice present for my boyfriend who is a DL

    My boyfriend told me barely two weeks ago that he is a DL. (Shocked, but I got over it. I love this man ) Said he's not an AB, but he likes it when I baby him (cuddles, kisses, and playful baby talk).

    Anyhow, he likes wearing onesies and footed pajamas. He also has a plushie. I already gave him a footed pajama (before him telling me about his DL). Any suggestion on DL-related gift to give him would be greatly appreciated. Plus, of course, where to buy. Just making a statement that I fully accept this side of him.

    Thinking, actually of a nice plushie. I just don't know how an ideal plushie would look like or, yeah, where to get the nicest ones.

    Thank you.

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    A nice plushie would be a good gift. Is this a birthday gift we're talking about here? If so, a "2 years old today" card could work as a joke :P
    Failing that, a regular gift is always nice, remember that (ab)/DL'ism isn't likely the central point of his life, there are other things to him :3
    Failing THAT, diapers are always good as presents. Trust me. :P

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    How about a big, soft, plushie (one of the ones that are limp and soft) with a Nuk 5?

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    a bottle would be a pretty good choice.

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    Well i don't understand why he isn't a AB, but maybe some diapers and a nice paci?

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    Some premium diapers and a nice paci. :]<3 I think he'd LOVE that. I'm so glad you accept him!!

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    Maybe a diaper night? Let him diaper out etc etc. That could be fun...
    OR ask him what type of plushie he likes and get something like it.
    OR Diapers diapers and more diapers.

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