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    Cool Savile Row - World's Greatest Tailors

    I have been looking for a well-tailored pair of pants for me (since I've basically been wearing the same 2 pants for most of the last year ...)

    It's hard to find my size because I am 6'4. And lots of expensive junk is made in China.

    I remember when my father and I visited London years ago once. He had bought himself a most beautiful overcoat made for me by Tommy Nutter of "Nutters of Savile Row" (who also tailored the Beatles and many celebrities). That was the most beautiful item of clothing I have ever seen my Dad wear..or ever seen at all!

    Anyway, it reminded me that in Britain, there is a cluster of some of the world's greatest tailors in London's Savile Row, at the core of which were nine most distinguished firms, some of which had supplied the likes of Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson, Prince Charles and many others.

    All offer custom tailoring, and in fact the English phrase "bespoke"
    (meaning that a piece of clothing is "spoken for" or custom made) originated from Savile Row shops.

    Among these nine musty old English gentleman's shops on Savile Row, I was surprised to learn that one of them was actually started in the 1990's by a kind of "genius tailor" from Ghana - Ozwald Boateng (now "Sir Ozwald" - he received his investiture at Buckingham Palace in 2006). This man apparently has revolutionized and reinvigorated the whole field of fine men's clothes.

    Apparently there are 3 main Ozwald Boateng clothing lines:

    1. Savile Row Bespoke: these are custom-made by Boateng and his staff at their Savile Row premises, after lengthy consultation with their client, and made to reflect the client's own personality and philosophy as much as Oswald's. Top of the line ultimate-quality tailoring! Such individualized suits start at $10,000 ... and on on on up up and up and up! weeeeeee!!

    2. Bespoke Couture: this is the line of clothing Sir Oswald comes up with twice a year and shows in Fashion events in Paris. They are NOT custom-made (so technically, they are not "bespoke"), and available at a very limited number of stores around the world, like London's Selfridges (interestingly, in the U.S., only Los Angeles has them). They run $2,500 and up up up and up and up and up and up ... weeeeeee!

    3. Boateng Diffusion Line: for normal humans (like us?), these offer a range of miscellaneous items (e.g. he offers one women's perfume)and accessories (even including things like computer cases) starting at $800 or so.

    His idea about women's perfume is interesting, i think - it offers actually two separate essences, which a woman can put on individually, or together in whatever proportion reflects her personality ... or her mood. What a great idea!!!!!

    So to put the question simply..what fashion tastes are you guys into.

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    I buy my clothes from Primark, Burton, River Island. I.e high street shops. I won't spend more than 20 pounds on an item of clothing unless it's a special occcssion... Tbh, I don't follow fashion, i don't have the money for it really - I just go for jeans/cargo and t-shirts!

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    As for the fashion I'm into. I'm into a femboi-ish and plain fashion. I love things like skin-tight jeans, tight silk/partially see through shirts (long sleeve if some frilly-ness), fishnet shirts, bracelets, colorful scarves, with bright colored hoodie and colorful belts.

    As for the more plain fashion. Still tight jeans, but plain 1-2 color shirts. Some bracelets, and that's about it.

    I don't really follow fashion, and I'm horrible at it. But those are my personal tastes (even though I could never wear stuff like that -yet-).

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