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Thread: How fast does everyone here type?

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    Default How fast does everyone here type?

    According to several different online tests I type 100-120 wpm depending on the difficulty of the text. One time I got 134 wpm but that's only happened once and it was with 9 mistakes unfortunately.

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    I type faster than on tests...Since I know what I'm going to type and it's not random stuff...

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    I type faster then I think... Which (as some people know) says a lot. It only slows me down a lot as I have to go back and change it a lot of times.

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    I type fairly quickly, and of course my job requires this. I find that these typing tests, though, are inconsistent and the fact that you have to read what you are typing as you type it is not a good approximation of how you type when you're typing what's in your head anyway. At least, that's the case for me.

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    I would say that I type somewhere in the range of 40-50 wpm with a 94% accuacy rate.

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    I can't remember the score I had in school... it was pretty fast tho...

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    Not very fast, unfortunately. Never took typing in school, and never needed the skill on the job at all until we converted over to CADD computer drafting. After several years of having to do typing on my design drawings I still consider myself a *hunt-'n-peck* typer. I doubt I could do 40 wpm without several mistakes.


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    I know that in a situation where I'm reading from something and needing to retype it, or where I don't have to think about what I'm typing, I can average between 130 and 160 words-per-minute with 97% accuracy (and I even have a typing certificate around that I needed to get for a previous job that can prove it!). When I'm typing from my head and typing leisurely, I'll usually average around 110 to 120.

    As a slightly humorous anecdote, I took a test for a job a few years back and effectively typed *faster* than the typing test could follow -- I maxed the machine out at 99 WPM.

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    When I was in high school, back in the dark ages, the best I could do was 50wpm, and 20 perfect, but you have to realize they were manual machines.

    The class room could be heard, through out the school, lots of loud clicking, and dinging along with the sound of manual carrige returns......

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    Since I spend so much time writing for work, my speed is up around 120 wpm or so. It may be faster, but I haven't checked in a while. What site did you use to test your speed?

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