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Thread: Wellness diapers experiences

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    So I know this has been posted already but the thread is closed and my question went unanswered.

    So I am considering ordering two cases of wellness briefs for me and Kaydeeroo.

    My issue is I am not sure if I can trust the sizing. The medums cover a 26-36 inch waist and I am 34. (Kaydeeroo fits in this size range perfectly). Should I go the next size up?

    I wouldn't ask this except for these diapers represent a pretty significant investment, and I want to make sure that I getting at least a decent product for the money.

    I know everyone is thinking "well considering that 34 is between 26 and 36 you should be fine" I just remember a time when I bought some tenas that were supposed to fit up to a 36 and they never did fit me properly.

    Thank in advance for the input!

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    I ordered a sample of these and they are pretty good, but I think you'd be happier with the large. While the mediums will fit, they will be pretty much at the end of their range.

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    I am a 34+ waist and the mediums fit quite comfortably. As for other brands I find Tena ultras in M too large, Tranquility ATNs a bit small and most others in M a good fit.

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