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Thread: Would these nappies fit me?

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    Default Would these nappies fit me?


    Being a 15 year old (In 2 weeks) who weighs about 10 stone, would Pampers Baby Dry size 6 fit me OK?

    If not, could you recommend some I can buy in the UK, but not online. Shops only.


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    Well happy early birthday. I'm not sure if they would fit you are not as I am not sure how much a stone is. But I do know that size 6 fits most people up to 120 with a 33'
    waist. Also it can vary depending whether you are a boy or a girl b/c if your a boy you have some extra junk to fit in there. Hope this helps!

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    Check the bag of them...And they say what they fit...And compare to what your measurements are...Voila!

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    Even if they did fit you they are going to be hard to use and I wouldn't be surprised at all if something goes horribly wrong. I think it will be hard to explain wet pants and a overused pamper diaper to your friends or family.

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    Well im 14, 15 in october and I can get into a pampers active fit size 6, sure there not the best fit but its either them of dry nites which I also have a few of and as much as the dry nites fit better there just not the same as a pampers, also i usually wear 2....3 if i can be bothered and about wetting, I dont wet often but when I do I find they hold 1 wetting.

    P.S I weigh around 7.8 stone with a 28" waist.

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    Thanks people

    I'm probably going to buy them and try them out.

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    I don't know what a stone is but unless you have less the a 32 waist I would get youth or adult size diapers like Abena or Molicares.
    some other one that might work would be Attends, Eruo breif, Wellness brand or Tena
    keep us posted.

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    Little ollie


    I don't think so mate I am in the 10 st bracket and I am pretty sure they would not fit me. I'd advise opening a bank account getting a debit card and buying some online to be honest.

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    Per Mirriam Webster Online:

    stone : any of various units of weight; especially : an official British unit equal to 14 pounds (6.3 kilograms)

    I learned something new about weights today myself.


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