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    Default Hello!

    I'm a new user. I've always been curious about diapers and occasionally when it is possible I wear them (not living alone and no one knows about this secret), so I subscribe to this board because it seems like a great community.

    I like also pc gaming and I have an xbox 1, dreamcast and older sega consoles too.

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    Hello there! Hola! (I would continue to throw rubbish Spanish at you here, but... It's probably offensive!)

    I'm impressed with your older consoles... I used to have a MegaDrive and a MasterSystem in my youth. Sonic kicked ASS on those machines!

    Sorry to hear you can't indulge as much as you'd probably like Is this situation likely to change anytime soon?

    Welcome here - I hope you do find this to be a great, helpful community.

    Dan x

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    Hey Streamer! Welcome to ADISC! What types of games do you play?

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    Thanks for the welcome! At the moment I live with my parents and that is why I should be cautious.
    I also have a master system (I really enjoyed Wonderboy II and III), a game gear, a mega drive and mega cd.
    I like all kinds of games: Racing games (Dirt 2 or GTR), rpg games as The Witcher, Gothic series or fallout, action games (Stalker, Crysis...) and graphic adventures, the last I played was Gray Matter and Sam & Max seasons that I highly recommend.

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    Hi! i studied in Spain when I was younger..up in Burgos! My god..never drank so much. Glad you are here.

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