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Thread: Mythbusters S3E1 - the brownnote

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    Default Mythbusters S3E1 - the brownnote

    So just working my way through the various mythbusters seasons, and just finished watching Season 3, Ep 1, the Brown Note.

    basically everyone gets dressed up in a Depend while looking for a note to cause violent bowel release..

    what i found more amusing however was further into the show during the waterboarding test, adam was in a chair for 3.5 hrs and makes a comment about how these adult diapers are clearly not made to accomidate a grown man's midday pee..
    very shortly after he gets up and runs to the potty.

    I laughed.. especially as i am sitting here in a Secure X-plus that has taken 3+ wettings and is getting a little saggy.

    So no questions in this post, just though i would share the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazza View Post
    maybe its not just a note, but a song that could do it XD
    yeah i was at my friends house and hes got this BIG sound system and its got two sub woofers, he recently moved so we were hooking this system up after it was all set up i plugged in my ipod and played "Who I Am (Whats My Name)" by snoop dogg, well we forgot to plug in the speakers so all we had were two blasting subwoofers i swear it felt like i was gonna crap my pants lol.

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    I should start watching mythbusters more often xD

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    If I remember correctly the only female mythbuster wasn't seen in one though. UNFAIR!!!

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    I really liked this episode. Diapers + machine guns = Win!
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    I remember this episode (I watched ALLOT of MythBusters) and that scene where Adam ran to the bathroom was very funny. It was funny too that he wore them outside his pants in the brown note test. But yea, they used quite crappy Depends pull-ups and Adam was more than right about "not holding a grown mans mid-day wee".

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    My favorite shows MYTHBUSTER, Deception, and Dirty Jobs. You guys?

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