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    My wife and I went to Costco yesterday to pick up a few things. She ended up grabbing a coupon book and they had cases of the Depends pullups for $8 off the regular price (33.99 after discount). I wear a large and it had a count of 72 in the box. We ended up getting 2 boxes. My wife kept remembering things she needed at the oppostie side of the store we would be in so I ended up pushing our cart with the 2 cases in it around Costco for about 45 minutes, let me tell you they stick out in a cart like a sore thumb. But anyways if you are a Costco member you can save a bit on your diapers this week.
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    Costco's diaper selection is pathetic in my opinion...they barely carry anything...all I saw were Huggies and Pull Ups (must not have a contact to sell Pampers??) I didn't even see any Goodnites, although I don't think Goodnites are sold in a large enough quantity package to qualify for Costco's "buy more than you need" policy.

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    You can buy cases of goodnites, and I'm pretty sure Costco had them (at least they used to). However, they only had the S/M size when I last looked.

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    Good deal. Costco wants $100 for a year. Plus I live in a studio apt, so buying in giant ass quanity is not practical.

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    We have their executive membersip (the $100 a year one). It is nice because we get a percentage of our purchase back in a rebate check at the end of our membershipyear. Their basic membership is only $35 a year. We buy lots of our resteraunt gift cards there, they are normally $100 (2 $50 cards) for $79.99 and we even found a local brazalian steakhouse $100 for $49.99 once. IF we buy a few of these ayear it pays for our membership plus some.

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    I wouldn't waste my money on depend pullups. I agree with Dan; their selection is pathetic.
    Costco is a great store though in the other sense. We have a membership for our family business so I don't have to pay (I also don't get the rebate) but if you have the space, the products are far far cheaper than even Walmart on sale.

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    Theres just something about depend pullups that seem like a wispy kind of granny panties. But yea im going to go with the other ones here and say "Deals are great" but i think i would shop around some more and find another brand.

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    I've seen the diapers that costco has since I go pretty much weekly. My dad even suggested getting some from costco and I actuality laughed and said they suck.

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