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Thread: Anyone else happy that harry potter is over?

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    Default Anyone else happy that harry potter is over?

    I'll be honest here I hate harry potter, I've hated it ever since the second movie. I tried reading the books but they sucked and never gripped me. So needless to say I hate it and not because I didn't give it a try. I've had numerous friends who where obsessed with the books and movies and I was just tired of hearing about harry potter for all of my teenagehood, maybe now something better can take its place. I just hate all the incredible hype that it had. Mainly because the books and movies are dull. They had so much potential but its like wasted on such bullshit. I mean how can one person make enough source material for so many boring movies? The only movie remotely good was the fourth one and that because that movie had little to do with the overall plot of HP. Most of it was due to the awesome tournament. But anyone else feel the same way about harrypotter?

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    Books 3, 4 and 5 are the best in the series. the 5th being the best IMHO.

    movies 3, 4 and 7 are the best in it's movie series. the 3rd movie being the best IMHO. Movie 3 is where the script and the acting of everyone really started to get good.

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    I remember when the third came out. my sister was in town from college and the three of us (with her boyfriend) hotboxed a blunt on the way to the theater. i spent the first fifteen minutes of that movie trying to wrap my head around how old they all looked all of a sudden. I was really confused.

    TS: do you prefer great action to great plot? that might be why you don't really like the series. not much action in hp until the last couple years. anyways I really like the series (i'm not crazy over it or anything) so I guess I can't comment. i just decided to help fire2box hijack this thread

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    I really liked the books, and I really hate reading to be honest. I liked the books until somebody suggested I should watch one of the movies.

    I think that I was impressed most by the storytelling and imaginative writing and the uniqueness of the story. When I saw them tangibly try to recreate that magic on screen, it really ruined it for me because instead of my own imagination crating the visuals, it was some asshole Hollywood director's.

    The movie never even came close to what the books did to ignite my imagination.

    Never read/saw Harry again...

    I'm a purist in that regard, hopefully someday I will forget the movies and pick up the books again.

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    I never cared about Harry Potter... neither the movies nor the books.
    I admit - after a friend got hooked on the books, curiosity got the better of me and I read the first book... but I didn't particularly like it...
    Didn't find it thrilling, amusing or very entertaining and the writing, well I have read better, but I've seen worse...
    it just didn't pull anything for me in general...
    I also skipped on the movies.

    What pissed me off though is the author... in an interview I've seen on tv with her long ago, (way before the first movie hit the cinemas) I remember her saying that she will NEVER want it [harry potter, books] to be turned into a film, as she believes it is important that teenagers / children do still read books.
    bam, half a year later she accepted a multi-million offer for a movie...
    Now don't get me wrong, I don't blame her to take the money... or anything like that, not at all.
    I don't like this double-sided ideology...

    but then again, there's worse, and I simply don't really care about harry potter...
    albeit I just walked by one of the latest movie posters and had to smile...
    it just crossed my mind how silly he looked... I mean common, it takes more than a leather jacket and a "grim" look and silly glasses to make him look "hard" ...
    I guess the designer had some sort of an epic fail here..

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    Well I am a Harry Potter lover... but like or hate aside, the series has done one wonderful thing.

    Many kids who otherwise would never have picked up a book did so to read harry potter.
    and book 1 reads more like a kids book, fast plot advance, simple language.
    by the time you are in book 7, you are reading more mature topics, a much larger book, essentially an adult book.

    They have introduced to many kids (and probably adults too) a love for reading they may have otherwise never had. And once you have powered through a 600 page book in a weekend, looking at some other 'big' book on the shelf isn't nearly as scary anymore.

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    The books are not the greatest, but if you read them before you watch the films the the films seem absolutely shit. I think that the films are poor and leave out too much of the books, that aren't all that good anyway.

    In summary; I find Harry Potter to be utterly average.

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    In my opinion „Harry Potter“ is completely overrated and the whole story should have ended a long time ago...and Im glad its finally over! (take that, Rowling :p!)

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    Its more kind of a mixed value for me because I took the effort to read all 7 of the books around a month ago and I really enjoyed the read. As a book value I do enjoy it and I do recognize the value that the book has made in promoting reading to children of all ages. I don't have an immediate need to watch the movies (I have seen the first three) but overall the series is well done. I don't care that the series is over when compared to other passionate fans but it was a fun ride growing up alongside it anyways.

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    I read all the books, and I saw movies 1 to 7. I can't wait to see the last movie, seeing that I'm close to completing the whole thing. I'm happy that they split the last book into two movies, seeing that they usually cut out a lot of details when they turn a book into a movie.

    But it's not over. Not to burst your bubble, but the author is launching Pottermore, some sort of interactive adventure around the world of Harry Potter. I'm not really interested in that, but you can find out more here: Pottermore: Register your interest

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