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Thread: Share Your NIGHTMARES/BIZARRE Dreams!!

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    Cool Share Your NIGHTMARES/BIZARRE Dreams!!

    my worst nightmare was...

    I was paralyzed and sinking fast to the bottom of the Ocean. I could breathe under water but could not move to swim back up to the top. I could feel the coldness of the water sliding around my skin and could taste the saltiness of the sea.

    All of a sudden this Huge Grey Shark appears and flows me down by swimming around and around me as I sink to the darkness.

    At times the Shark would stop and look deep into my eyes with his big black deep shark eyes then start swimming around me again.

    It was one of those dreams where I knew I was dreaming and had to force myself to wake up by trying to move my paralyzed body.

    humm i wonder what that dream meant??

    please share your nightmares..or any dream that is bizarre.

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    This is a category of nightmares that has many variations. I'm in public doing something where I'm the centre of attention, such as making a speech. Everything is going along fine, but then I notice that I'm either totally naked from the waist down or just wearing a diaper. Nobody else seems to notice, but I'm embarrassed and run away.

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    I find that I have some very interesting dreams when I get occupied with something. For example, last summer I spent way, way too many hours a day playing MW2. I cut back a lot after I had a dream where I was playing MW2. Not even playing as the dude who is being controlled in the game, but I literally dreamed about sitting in front of a TV and playing.

    More recently though, i've been taking an intensive Spanish course (plus two other classes) for 3 hours a day plus loads of homework and whatnot. My mother informed me that I was shouting in Spanish in my sleep a few nights ago. She had no idea what I was saying, and I can't remember what I was saying, so that kinda sucks. The fact that I was shouting is concerning though, as apparently it indicates that i'm stressed out somehow.

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    Last night I had a dream where I first saw a good online friend of mine's face for the first time...she was ugly as hell. I don't normally judge people by how they look, but this was just unreasonable...utterly grotesque. Her entire face was wide and fat, covered in hives and boils, her hair was dirty and blond, her eyes were all squinty and distant...she looked more like a monster than anything. I couldn't even speak to her, let alone stay in the same room with her. Then I did other stuff. I have no clue where that dream went, or where it came from...

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    Well, its not really a nightmare, but it sure is a bizarre dream...
    So, Im running through a dark forest, running away from somebody or something it seems, and theres a crow flying right above me (I dont know if its a crow, it could be any other black-feathered bird) and its screaming: „The red eyes servant, the red eyes servant, the red eyes servant...“. After a while everything turns black and I just wake up.

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    A couple of weeks ago, I dreamed that I was drowning deep in an ocean.

    My mind took over after what seemed to last 10 or 15 seconds - I realized I was dreaming while I was in the dream. After that, it really was not that horrible of an experience, and eventually I swam to a shore later in the dream.

    If only I could save myself from drowning that easily in the real world. Heh.

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    This doesn't count as a nightmare, but it sure as hell was bizarre.

    n a small town, it was the biggest day of the year, Noodle Harvesting Day. Now these noodles don`t just come from anywhere, they come from the noodle gods. Well, in the large industr...ial sized kitchen downtown, all of the noodle Gods and noodle harvesters gather one day a year to collect all of the noodles that supply the world. The noodles come out of the God`s noses. There were approximately 14 noodle gods, but the only one I specifically remember is Rachel (my musical director), because she was the head God(dess) of all of the noodle Gods. I was the lucky one who got to collect noodles from her, and for some reason, I was only about three feet tall in the dream (she's 6'4" in real life), as were the other town members, so she had to give me a piggy back ride so I could reach.

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    I was 7 or 8 and having a whole ton of nightmares about being murdered. I woke up from one, and fast as a blink I fell back asleep. But I didn't know I fell asleep, and in my dream I had just woken up with a gun pointed at my face... I wet the bad that night.

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    I don't often have nightmares, but I do remember a particularly bizarre dream I had a month or two ago. It confused the hell out of me any my friends.

    So the dream starts and I'm hanging out with three of my friends, and I suddenly remember that I am getting married to one, and his girlfriend is getting married to my other friend (also a girl), so right of the bat it's pretty weird, but then my friend and I(the one I'm apparently marrying) go to a reception and he TURNS INTO A MOTHERF*CKING WEREWOLF and starts killing people, and I kinda go "Oh yeah we are werewolves." (Perhaps why we were getting married?) Afterwords I had to calm him down and make him turn back into a human, but when he turns back into a human he ends up still having claws whereupon I say "Looks like I'll have to get used to this..." And wake up.

    Yeah... I was very, very confused and a little scared for about three days. Also, I proceeded to tell my friends who were involved mere hours after I woke up.

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    Im running around the semi-familair layout of my house (its ofcourse, nothing like my house. dream logic makes me think it is.)

    Trying, constantly trying to turn on the lights. I had a strong feeling I was in a dream, but I didnt do much. Everything was slow. Slow and dark. During the dream, and after I woke up, I was filled with this complete dread/horror

    The other time I had a similar dream, I was feeling the same horrible feeling, only I was in my bed. I tried to turn the light by my bed on. No luck, as usual, my phone was plugged in instead of the lamp.

    I wind up falling out of bed, going for the plugs on the other side. I fall INCREDIBLY slowly (like that van in inception)

    Eventualy I manage to force my left eye open, in the dream. (it was closed, wouldent open.) I woke with a really terrible shock. that eye was stuffed into a pillow, in real life.

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