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Thread: Good Tenas in the US?

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    Default Good Tenas in the US?

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering if there was a distributor for any of the better Tena products out there, slip maxi, ultra, etc. I know it would be online only but if there are any that ship either to the us or are in the us it would be much appreciated. I really wanna try some more brands out!

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    The Tenas are pretty good here compared to Depend. I and some others most likely asked the company to use the European Tena in the US. But they never really responded. Tena bought out a company here called Promise, and they just changed the packaging. Nothing really changed about them since, beside removing the plastic landing zone which I liked better than today's version. I also noticed that they have been getting thinner and thinner. The Supers aren't so nighttime friendly as they used to be.

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    I've never been lucky enough to find a distributor of the better American Tenas where I am and I've scoured the internet looking for the european ones in the us but to no avail. I guess I'll stick to Bambino and Abenas maybe molicare if i try those too.

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    Tena simply does not sell their high-capacity European diapers in North America, and they don't allow any distributor to import and sell the European products on this side of the pond. You could buy them from a European retailer and have them sent over, but the shipping cost would be prohibitive.

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