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Thread: Which gun slogan?

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    Default Which gun slogan?

    Which one do you believe in, and why?

    Personally, I believe that its people who kill people. A gun doesn't just get up and say "Hm, I really hate that guy, I think I'm going to shoot him!" No, something has to be there to pull the trigger at a target.

    I say "at a target" because guns CAN accidentally discharge, but they don't accidentally discharge at your enemies (or not normally, any ways).

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    People kill people. A gun is inanimate.

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    People kill people. If it was guns that killed people, then there wouldn't have been killing before guns. Unless of course you also have slogans like 'knives kill people' and so on all the way back to 'fists kill people'. And the thing about fists are they are actually part of the people. A gun is just the method of doing something that has been happening throughout the bloody history of the human race.

    A gun does make it easier to kill of course. People who wouldn't kill before might if they had a gun, because they now feel able to do it. The easier it is to do something the more likely that someone is to do it. And remember, the more training someone receives with a gun, the more knowledge they have of what it can do, the less likely they are to use it. A special forces solider would never shoot somebody unless they had to, and their job involves killing people.

    So a person does the killing, but without the gun they might not have killed in the first place.


    For people interested in the idea of whether people or guns actually do the killing - read "Men at Arms" by Terry Pratchett. Not only is it a very funny book, but it also has a serious and interesting point of view on this subject.

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    I put guns kill people. We are always responsible for our actions. However, when you compare the murder rate of Canada with that of the United States it does make you wonder. It is a lot easier to lose your temper and kill someone with a gun than it is with a knife, baseball bat or fists. The fact that Canada has such tight gun laws probably reduces their murder rate. You can see it in other parts of the world as well. It's all in the statistics.

    Right now my family is involved in a murder trial. We had very good friends who had a very bad end to their marriage. She eventually became quite afraid of him, and started keeping a diary, saying that if ever she was found dead, he did it. That day came two weeks before Christmas. He was big into guns, and his father is a retired State Trooper. I think guns make murder a lot easier.

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    Have you ever noticed how every time someone shoots somebody else, the gun is "unloaded"?

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    "People kill people". A gun is an inanimate object that can not be fired without help.

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    What I'll say is, "People using guns kill people."

    Of course guns are dangerous weapons -- this much is impossible to deny --, but guns are implements of destruction created by man ... which means, if we're going to jump on the fact that guns kill people, we have to remember that these guns were not bred naturally -- human hands put them together with human technology and infused in them a physical power which could feed the human urge to kill. So even if guns are used to kill people, their existence is inevitably traced to humans. Therefore, people kill people.

    I know I've stated it before in another post, but working where I do, I see criminal cases involving assault, abuse, violence, and murder. If I took a statistic analysis of the cases that I intake on a daily basis, I think you all would be immensely surprised at the low amount of them that guns are involved in. These are not petty crimes, either. Yet, that they are still done even with the absence of guns makes me question ... are guns required for people to commit crime? No.

    I will admit, even as a gun-owner, that of course, guns make it easier and more efficient to harm someone. It's always been easy for somenoe to kill another using guns.

    We also need to look at the context in which the guns are placed. Our modern society adheres to different moral mindsets than those that existed ten, fifty, one-hundred, two-hundred years ago. Could our societal love-affair with come from our obsession with destruction and our collective immaturity as a people? Were people as obsessed with destruction in ages past? Were they as obsessed with self-destruction as ages in the past?

    People kill people. Guns make it easier. People with guns kill people. But people also kill people with whatever they can get their hands on, whatever's easiest to find.

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    "Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns defend people against people with smaller guns."

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