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Thread: Is Anyone Currently on a No Dating Policy??

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    Angry Is Anyone Currently on a No Dating Policy??

    A girl who I thought was nice, innocent and sweet turned out to be so bossy!

    I made her dinner and she got so mad at me because I did not finish washing up the dishes before I sat down to eat. Is she CRAZY!?

    She keeps on saying she wants to move in with me but she wants to take all of my closet space!

    She hates me playing video games and watching Johnny Test. I haven't even told her that i am a 3-4 year stuck in an adults body. How can she be my mommy figure if she is going to be so bossy.

    I tried to break up with her several times because she is a nut, but after the break up, she feels guilty or something and apologizes.

    This dating thing is a super waste of time and energy.

    So I am on a No Dating Policy for a while..

    Just wondering who else is on a no dating policy and for how long??
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    last ditch effort! tell her about the diapers! that way its obviously her breaking up the relationship and not you :P

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    haha that would be great..but i don't wear diapers..but i can tell her that my friends on ADISC wear diapers and are furries!!

    Are you on a no dating policy Babyemo?

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    I've been in and seen unhealthy relationships. And yes, once you are out of one, especially one that is toxic, it's very tempting to write off dating all together. But in my opinion, I wouldn't take a "no dating" policy but instead a "waiting for the right girl" policy - I wouldn't go out seeking a relationship, but if there was a girl I was genuinely interested in, I'd give it a go. With the caveat that I was in a toxic relationship before so would maybe have to take things slow. But I wouldn't want to turn away a girl that might possibly be perfect for me on the grounds of "I wasn't dating" at the time.

    Of course, I'm not advocating rebound relationships - but I just feel like coming out of a "no dating" policy puts a lot of pressure on finding a date, seeing as you will now be dating again, whereas a "waiting for the right girl" could allow me some leniency in whether I was ready to start dating again (and possible date when I wasn't quite sure, for the right girl).

    That said, this is just my opinion!

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    Me! I just don't think its right to "date" in middle school... and I'm not really interested in the chicks yet. :P

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    I don't even know where/how to meet people. I am also too shy. I would like it if I could find someone to love me, but I don't think I could do the whole dating game thing. If someone asked me out, i'd probably say no unless I already knew we woud have a lot in common, and that (probably) she (or maybe he) could accept my "weirdnesses".

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post
    haha that would be great..but i don't wear diapers..
    If it gets her to break up with you, then who cares? Say you like to wear diapers while being tied up and fellating horses. And do it when she's PMSing.

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    I'm currently on a partial no dating policy. Kind of. Basically, I'm just not interested in having a boyfriend right now because every guy who has shown interest in me in the last 9 months has clearly only been interested in me for my body, because I just lost 30-40 pounds in the last 9 months.

    I'm just waiting for the right one. I hate being used and I refuse to fall for douches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFox View Post
    If it gets her to break up with you, then who cares? Say you like to wear diapers while being tied up and fellating horses. And do it when she's PMSing.
    Haha...Oh My want all Hell to break out!!!!

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    I am. Being a teen is rough. Any dating in highschool is futile nowadays. It ends in two sad people, ten involved people, and a good pile -o- cash wasted. In the realm of babies and parents, im currently a "friend" with another tbdl girl. But she refuses to become my partner, and she pretty much uses me as a father. And its driving our friendship apart. Soon i'm probably going to move on and stop flirting even. -.-

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