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    Hey, I'm just this random 22 year old dude who works as an IT guy and is about to get his BS in neuroscience and philosophy. Aside from that I am very boring and play video games [removed]. Haha, yeah I'm a loser. I don't need any replies I'm just trying to get rid of that message. It's like I just did a quest and my quest reward is the message is gone. WOOT

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    Hey a fellow a brain junkie! Are you going medical or research?

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    Research for sure. Vague interests include paralysis treatments involving robotic limbs and eventually brain/comp interface stuff like with implants.

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    Cool! More brain-people! Sounds like you know where you want to go with that, very cool! Any plans as to how/where/when?

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    No idea when I'll break into the brain field but I'm pretty sure it'll start at NIH since it's under 30 minutes from my house and I have internship experience there. The crazy life changing time period where I leave tech support and start doing science is coming...probably within a year from now. I graduate this winter so I am hoping to just launch a job search while working as IT and gathering money so I can get my own place. My fear is that I'll just sorta stick around IT so long that I get sucked into the company and with the amount they are paying I find it hard to believe that intro level neuro jobs can top that. So it'd be a leap of faith to a lower paying job in a field that honestly, I'm not 100% I'll enjoy since I have no experience yet.

    However these problems are really petty and minor because I am so grateful that I actually have a job, let alone one in a field that I'm not even technically qualified for (neuroscience IT guy, not even a comp sci major). It might be the antidepressants talking, but frankly I could care less right now where life takes me, mainly because none of these paths look bleak. They all will hopefully lead to independence and financial security. The biggest hurdle in my life right now is the shadow of my parents looming over me. Once I'm done with college and have my own place it will be the biggest de-stressing time in my life, especially as a dude that's a loner. Blah blah blah, I'm just trying to avoid cutting the lawn. I hate Sundays.


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    It is very good that you are thinking about it though! That is a good step. To be fair, going into science/academia is difficult, it will take a long time before you have financial security due to the fact that tenure is only for some and money is definitely not great (whether intro or more advanced). It is an exciting field but the constant applying for absolutely everything can get quite stressful. The fact that you have IT to back you in a way is great! Also, going into companies instead of academia seems be better in terms of money.

    And having contacts at the NIH is very good too! But (and this is a non-US) person talking, to actually get a degree, you have to be affiliated with something other than NIH too right? Anyway, goodluck! And indeed, going anywhere you want to go, creating your own life, is absolutely great

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