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Thread: Harry Potter in a diaper

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    Default Harry Potter in a diaper

    Okay, my title is a little misleading, what I want to know is how many people went to the Harry Potter midnight showing in a diaper?

    I did and it was awesome; I knew I would be there for a long time and that I might not be able to have someone save my seat if I needed to use the restroom. I certainly did not want to have to get up during the movie if I had to go.

    I chose a Tena Slip Maxi because I knew it would be discreet and yet would still hold a lot of wettings and it performed like a champ. I got to the theater almost 6 hours before the movie was to begin and by the time it was over I had been there 8 hours and then diaper was filled to capacity. It made the movie more enjoyable to not have to worry about missing any of the movie to use the restroom. When I went to the 3rd Pirates movie I didn't wear a diaper and halfway through I just wanted the movie to be over because I had to go so bad and didn't want to leave in the middle.

    So who else wore a diaper to Harry Potter and how did it make your movie going experience either better or worse?

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    never done a diaper to a movie but i nkow what my plans are tonight!!!

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    Movies are one of the few times I wear a diaper during the day.

    If I want to see something enough that I decline to wait for Netflix and spend the money to see it in a theater I don't want to miss part of it to run to the can.

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    I didn't this time but I did for the Sixth movie. I never really have a problem with needing to go during a movie but i figured why not. The only problem was that the way I was sitting in the seat made it hard to use the diaper. I had to go but couldn't without lifting myself off the seat. Then once i was out in the parking lot after the movie i wet and it leaked. Oh well, at least it was dark out.

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    I would but I can't drive and I still live with my parents, but I'll keep that in mind for when I'm off on my own

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    I didn't go to the midnight showing, but I did see it in a diaper. Didn't have to use it though, which was odd, as I drank a whole large during the movie.

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    I did see it in a diaper, but I did not go for the midnight showing. I'm a cheapskate and I hate large crowds. The theater I went to is the 2nd best theater in town, so it was considerably less crowded than if I went to the best one in the afternoon (still matinee time). My only issue was that I was a bit worried that wetting it would make noises easily in the diaper, meaning someone else can overhear it. I'm paranoid that way LOL. Probably something to do with the fact that I can't hear.

    Good movie, though. Can't wait to watch it open-captioned.

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    I would not have been able to, as I worked for the midnight showing, which was EPIC! Working from 6pm-3am is a blast

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    I went and saw it at the midnight screening in a diaper somewhat of a little thrill being out close to people in one =\

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    Default Peeing at the movies

    Ok .... I wore yesterday to see Harry Potter because I like to drink a lot, but don't like to miss any of the movie. The problem was I tried to go sitting down while watching the movie but instead i was in pain the entire second half ... it sucked

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