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Thread: What's the best way to clean up the gel from an exploded diaper?

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    Default What's the best way to clean up the gel from an exploded diaper?

    Have you ever had a disposable diaper swell so much that it exploded? Happens a few times when I wear disposables.

    What's the best way to get rid of all the gel beads? I hate to wash it all down the drain when I shower. I'm afraid it may start to clog the pipes.

    Any suggestions?

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    I have never had a diaper explode. I would recommend eating less Mexican food!

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    i have had them tear, and it is a pain to clean suggestion is a broom and dustpan..scoop it in your hands and into a garbage bag, and don't let it go in the drain...another user did that and he was scooping it out with a ladel or similar utensil after i wouldnt wear in the shower...never had it tear but i only did it once....

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    I had one tear so I bought it to the sink, and decided to let it go down the drain...

    Bad idea

    It took me 3 hours, in the middle of the night, to clean it out. Thank god my parents did not wake up.

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    If you have one, a wet/dry shop vacuum works great. They are easy to clean out, too. Just take it outside and hit it with the garden hose.

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    You could get one of those screens that'll fit in the drain. It will let water flow through, but not the beads of sap. It also helps with hair from going in the drain, which is why I had it in there for.

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    also if you end up getting in the shower with sap on you and it goes down the drain dont worry, just pour some table salt down the drain and ittl break the bonds of the sap

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    Wash it down the drain, but have a plunger handy just in case the drain get clogged. That's the only idea that I can think of that's relatively discrete.

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    Salt will dry it up, then you can just vacuum it up or use a dustpan and brush ^^

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    I'm not too worried about if it should hit the floor. I'm trying to get the yuck off of me. Thanks for the info. I never knew that about the salt. Drain......Bad idea. Got it.

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