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Thread: less "diapers" out there

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    Default less "diapers" out there

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to say that I had some "liquid courage" this evening and I went to Sobey's (grocery store) on a mission for diapers. I have Abena M4's (X-plus) but wanted some cheap depends (love them cause they can take a mild soaking and they expand like no tomorrow) or north american Tena Ultra's (never wore a tena diaper and I wanted to try)

    I found only poise pads and depends pull ups! It was a shame because this is the first time in years I just wanted diapers so I marched into a store and was going to buy 2-4 packs!

    I was also near a 24/7 shoppers and almost turned around to buy taped diapers there (I'm sure they a\sell them) but didn't

    Oh well, some other night ;P

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    I'm not sure about everywhere, but I have noticed some local stores here have been clearing out certain sizes, types, and brands. For instance my local Walgreen's has been clearing out the Large size depends (pull-up, and tab), as well as some of the smaller sizes in their own brand. I guess it's whatever they don't sell enough of for whatever reason. Walgreen's still sells them on-line though, so I guess it may be a store by store choice.

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    Diapers are likely to be a big headache for all kinds of shop - well at least the adult ones are because there is an assured market for baby diapers, but not os many adults need them and so many incontinent people buy on line or have supplies provided by health boards or insurance companies. It is easy for any shop to stock 15 brands of pickle but both on the shelves and in the stock room adult diapers take up a lot of room and for businesses that make stocking decisions on the amount of sales per foot of display, diapers don't score well. One of our local pharmacies faces this problem and aims to provide a full range of sizes but cannot undertake to have each brand in all sizes.

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    This may be a blessing in disguise. The less stores carry the more buisness medical supply stores will get, and they carry a better selection and have much better customer servive anyway.

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    Adult diapers suck for grocery stores. They take up a massive amount of shelf space and don't sell for a whole lot. Baby diapers at least have a good turnover rate, and take up a bit less space. Stores tend to only carry the sizes and exact types they know will sell. Walgreens/rite aid tend to at least sell briefs as well as pull ups, but in general I have seen a big move from carrying anything other than pull ups in normal stores. I get a feeling that online sales have killed aunt diaper sales in stores. Online sales can be setup to auto ship, you don't have to be embarrassed by visiting a store Etc. What they carry now seems to be a bare minimum.

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    The sad part is many adult diaper manufacturers are no longer making plastic backed diapers or have plans to go only cloth-like cover very soon.

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    unfortunately this is true.. but some of the better companies still make the real thing, and that just gives us, the consumer, to take the next step and actually buy the better diaper... anyway. im not mad about them getting rid of diapers in corner stores and supermarkets.. like stated before, it should increase sales in medical stores..

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    I also find that normal depends are being replaced with gender specific variations.

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    I only notice when my diapers go on sale... they are usually sold out. So when they go on sale I usually order online...
    But specifically to your op, I generally don't go diaper shopping but it's an interesting trend... I'll have to make an occasional run by the diaper isle..

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    I bought a sam's club membership thinking I could score, among other things, bulk packs of goodnites. Largest diaper there were size 5 huggies. Might be store brand.

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