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Thread: Super Shy Boys/Girls vs. Super Woman Girls/ Boys

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    Cool Super Shy Boys/Girls vs. Super Woman Girls/ Boys

    This applies to any type of sexual preference.
    (Trying to include everyone so ignore the choice of gender I used as an example.)

    Do you think guys are scared of girls because girls are turning more into super girls or feminists. Which again, is not a good or bad thing.

    In this day and age do you think it is important for the more dominant one to act Chivalrous or is there no need for either one to have "roles"? Like more of a 50/50 type of relationship.

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    Default Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys (9780465018420): Kay Hymowitz: Books - to answer your first question.

    Not so sure about being chivalrous in terms of dominance though....that's more a personal preference, is my thinking.

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    Beats me... personally... i think i am very conservative in the sence like... I like it when guys are dominant and approach me and stuff. But then again thats also because i am a very submissive person. I think alot of it is just personalities and that alot of culture promotes girls as "kickin guys butts!". *shrugs*

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    Men in America are inundated daily on TV with reinforcement that women are the superior sex - more intelligent, more clever, more motivated, more organized, and ultimately more authoritative than men. It happens not only in sitcoms and movies, but also in advertising - it's a constant barrage of "girl power" - and anyone who grew up watching this stuff over the last 20 years or so has likely been at least subconsciously influenced by it.

    I'm not suggesting a conspiracy, but rather a side effect of overtly aiming at a demographic. Virtually every household product is marketed to women, not men, and the advertising consistently shows intelligent and savvy women with complete buffoon husbands. If one were to accept advertising's definitions of men, they'd be useful for mowing the lawn, grilling, and bringing home a paycheck, and not much else.

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    Behind every strong man is a stronger woman pulling strings!

    (Will clarify when at a computer)
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    I don't think men are afraid of feminized women, we just find them unpleasant. They have been lead to believe that they don't need men, which is a huge turn off.

    We're seeing a lot of men in their 20's with no place in society. Women don't want us, jobs don't want us, we don't want each other. I strongly desire to have a career, a wife, a house, and a family. This is next to impossible for me to attain because there are no jobs available and I am judged by everyone for not having a job. It's not my choice! If I could I would be working and saving every penny, but nowhere will take me and because of that no female will consider me as a partner. I've abandoned all hope and accepted my fate of living with my parents and being single for the rest of my life.

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    Well, Chivalry will never be dead. Even as a diapered baby, I do help people in the smallest of ways- holding a door open for an older
    woman, or a woman with groceries and three small kids. It's all basic human nature. And- KARMA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post
    Do you think guys are scared of girls because girls are turning more into super girls or feminists. Which again, is not a good or bad thing.

    In this day and age do you think it is important for the more dominant one to act Chivalrous or is there no need for either one to have "roles"? Like more of a 50/50 type of relationship.
    After the failure that was my last relationship concluded I have adjusted what I am looking for in a girlfriend as opposed to courting the first girl who happens to fall into my lap. Amusingly since then I had one girl who was all over me but who I wanted nothing to do with for various reasons.

    If I found a girl who I actually liked enough to try and start a relationship I would certainly act Chivalrous because I do so a great deal in my day to day life anyways. I don't have a problem with feminism but I also don't have a problem keeping radical ideas in check.

    If anything the only thing I am scared about when it comes to asking out a girl is if I will get rejected for one reason or another. It's a really hard hit to take when you finally find someone that you like and who you want to get to know better only to have them shut that door in your face. Given how few girls I actually find that I really like it hits me especially hard.

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    In my experience, the women I've dated have held the power in the relationship. I've not been scared of them, but I know they know how to "put their foot down".

    Not in a day to day way, but if I make the wrong decision there's hell to pay... they all are very good at withholding sex/silent treatment/emotional upset. That's not say that I couldn't do it myself, but I am of the impression that the male mind wants to fix things ASAP, whereas the female mind is more emotional and prefers time to think about things. So things I've done to try to "fix" something have been seen as cold or emotionless - resulting in upsetting my partner. Now I don't doubt this is a new thing, but I guess I'm of the opinion of equality, so I have no right to treat my partners like an object, just as they have all right to complain to me for something I've done.

    However, the quote I posted earlier apparently has its roots in the 1920s or so - it's certainly not a new society paradigm that is shifting the gender balance to favour females.

    As for gender roles, I think they are definitely shifting - there are lots of powerful women and weak men - so I'd say in the modern relationship, there's more of a 50/50 split with money, cooking, childcare, household decisions. That's not to say that men are afraid of their women, but culture shifts have empowered women to not sit back and be dominated by men (a la the nuclear 60s dinner on the table for the man family).

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    What I've noticed from my (limited) experience is that women want men to make the decisions, the girls have always been like "You choose what we do" etc so while they may appear to be strong; deep down they probably want the men to be men and be in charge.

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