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Thread: How many of you owe ADISC a debt?

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    Default How many of you owe ADISC a debt?

    I've been thinking about my recent troubles and how much this site means to me at the moment. I've reached out to friends and on here lately to keep from withdrawing after giving up a large portion of my social network. With special thanks to oboysetht for hanging out today even though he seemed a bit bored as I dragged him into a *gasp* hardware store that didn't even sell toys!

    The distraction reading new threads and posts offers has been welcome. I not only wish to thank ADISC for being here, but ask, what do you thank ADISC for.

    If you've taken the time to read this, please be reflective and thoughtful in your responses. A bunch of one line, "this site is great" posts are not only ill conceived, but disrespectful, and contradict the spirit of the thread.
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    I thank ADISC for presenting a safe community for teens and other people who do not like dealing with perverts. ADISC is one of a kind, as I have never met anyone on here who was mean or intentionally offensive. ADISC has also helped me accept being a TBDL, and meet other people with similar interests, diapers or otherwise. It is nice to be with people who share the same secret, as there is no one in my life right now that I would feel comfortable sharing this secret with. :-) I wouldn't say I owe anything to ADISC but to be an active and respectful member of our small, underground, but powerful community. Maybe one day the people of the world will understand ABDL as well as people understand other sexual minorities, such as homosexuality and transgender.

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    Well before I found ADISC I wasn't much of a reader. Now I read at this e-dress when I can/feel like it.

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    That's a funny limerick you got there Francic.

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    Sorry for my poor grammar, punctuation and sentence structures but english is my second language.. ( so don't secretly laugh at me.) Moooooo!!

    This site has brought me back to life again. Everyday I use this site I discover something new about myself.
    Like a puzzle, I am slowly putting the pieces of myself together by interacting and sharing with everyone.

    It is strange but this is the first social networking site i have ever joined. I am too afraid of facebook, yahoo chat and others. To me it seems like the rules of behavior online are even more stricter then real life. If you say something weird, you are completely ostracized and no one wants to talk to you anymore..not even the bots.
    Maybe because society is so tribal and classified.

    On this site I have found kindness and patience and freedom.
    And with freedom comes happiness.
    And with happiness comes new seeds of imagination and creativity.
    And with imagination and creativity comes evolution.
    And that is the purpose of evolve spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This site is helping me reach Toddler Nirvana in one life time!! SHURATOO ATTACK!!

    So thank you ADISC Gods & Goddesses for giving me unlimited heavenly space to bloom flower bloom!!

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    Come to think of it...
    I did go through my depression when I first joined, because my brain was just adjusting to my *B/DLness, and also, a shift in my religious beliefs. Everyone here, although I was new and they barely knew me, did nothing but support me and carry me through it all.
    They helped me through my DL awakening, fights and discomfort, first time driving... lol.

    I haven't been here long, but I've done quite a bit of growing up with ADISC. I've found bravery and maybe even a bit of cockiness during my time here. I've probably learned more about myself from being on ADISC than I realize.
    And for that, I suppose I owe everyone a great debt... what I've gained from being here can be summed up in two words: Self discovery.
    It's a lot harder, trying to figure out who you are when you're doing it alone. But if you just have a few people, on or offline, or a whole community like ADISC behind you, it really lightens the load.

    Without this community, there would be a lot of things I was too afraid to try, too confused to see, and too short-sighted to care about. I would probably be much different if I hadn't clicked the link to this site. In fact, I didn't even realize the extent of it all until I started typing this post... Lol, exhibit A.

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    What I owe ADISC is the lack of weirdos and nutsacks that prevai l over other AB communites. There aren't that many sites that do that, plus there are a lot of interesting threads here and you feel comfortable, despite the fact I don't always fit in and some people don't always take the time to get to know me, but I feel comfortable at ADISC and I know I won't be hounded by pervos looking for diaper fap material and that is something I refuse to deal with right now. I've no patience for that.


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    My wife discovering my diaper order brought me to this site more than three years ago. It was here that the members helped me tell her about my being DL/AB for my entire life, and she was very accepting, fortunately. This site is like another family of friends for me, and I find deep satisfaction coming here each night. My life is not a particularly easy one, as my wife is a diabetic, type I. For the last six years we have struggled to save her foot, and now it is almost healed. In addition, I hook her up to a dialysis machine five nights a week, after I have come home at night from my second job.

    I am very sympathetic to those who have problems because I know what its like to struggle with the complexities of life. I've had a lot of life experiences, and I hope I can help others because of them. I believe these things have happened for a reason, as they have been learning experiences.

    When I lost my job as a full time church musician, I stopped practicing as I no longer had a pipe organ nor the time. Writing has filled that void. I started writing here on this site, added a few funny stories as responses to threads, and then with the encouragement from some of our good members, started my novel. I have written two short stories, one which is posted on Nookbooks and is actually selling and making a small amount of money.

    Adisc has expanded me, and I think it has made me a more caring person, especially when I go to school and work with my kids. I listen to them and take what they say very seriously because of the young members here on this site. Listening to our young members reveal their inner selves, their fears and frustrations, their struggle with not just liking diapers, but depression, bullying, feeling alone, has enabled me to see a much bigger picture. At school, I read between the lines from what the kids say, and what they don't say, the greater, hidden message.

    I appreciate that this is a safe site where I can come and express who I am and why and how I have become that person, and feel safe doing it because of our great mods, and the great membership that are ADISC. Thanks.

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    I don't know what i would be doing without this site. I remember i was singed up for some creepy ass site and I didn't know what to do! Now I'm on here and I feel better. I've met some jerks along the way, but over all I love this site. Thank you Everyone who made it/helped with it. It has changed a lot of lives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post
    Maybe because society is so tribal and classified.
    "Society is made up of imbeciles that don't think for themselves, and have little to no [un]common sense. Why people insist on following society like sheep to a herder, I do not know."

    ~Zachary Casey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal0ispwnd View Post
    "Society is made up of imbeciles that don't think for themselves, and have little to no [un]common sense. Why people insist on following society like sheep to a herder, I do not know."

    ~Zachary Casey
    Toucheee.. very good quote..

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