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Thread: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II - What did you think?

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    Default Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II - What did you think?

    It finally came out - the last part of the Harry Potter epic is finally here. I went to the midnight premiere last night with a big group of friends; it was a blast. Huge packed theatre, screaming fans, crying girls. It was a good crowd.

    However, the reactions I got from the overall consensus of the film were varied. Half of the group I went with loved it; the other half did not like it as much. To be honest, I'm kind of divided on it! I thought it was well directed, but they changed some subtle things that I wasn't a big fan of.

    What did you guys think of it?

    Edit: Sorry about my error in the poll. It should be "couldn't" care less, not "could." :O

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    Where's the "I abso-freakin-lutely LOVED IT!" button?

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    I saw it last night at the midnight premier. It was a great movie, one which I would give about 3.5 - 4 out of 5 stars. I also really liked how for the 3D show that I went to, they gave us 3D glasses shaped the ones Harry wears in the movie, which in my opinion, warrants an EPIC WIN! I'm not even a huge fan of Harry Potter, yet I still found this movie quite enjoyable.

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    I liked it, I saw it in 2D and im glad I made that choice. It was neither shot nor made for 3D or Imax oddly, as far as I know anyways. However this one was much better then the book in some areas.

    however the "Not my ___" line really sucked compared to the book. It was the tone in which the line was said that just made it seem Meh. Plus it comes and goes extremely fast, within 45 seconds.

    Also they never showed 3 people dying, which was a mistake I think. I still cried over Lupin though.

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    I l-o-v-e-d it. I thought the pacing was good, the photography and CG effects were excellent. We saw it in IMAX 3D so it was plenty bright, and I'm of the school that 3D should never steal the scene, just make that world more believable, and in this case it definitely did.

    I was really curious how the movie was going to handle certain story points, and I was not disappointed. 4.2/5

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    If a movie changes one thing from the book, I never like it. You know my vote, since I know that they changed something.

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    They did some great things, and some *meh* things. I honestly was afraid they would spend too much time on the battle part... for the blood and gore effect. They did not, I thought. Probably the most annoying thing though was...

    And I felt Migonigal (probably killed the spelling here) was almost left out completely. Although, I did lol at her comment when preparing for the battle. That was an unexpexted laugh. XD

    And if someone could inform me on how to get that show/hide button in my posts, that would be great.
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    I didn't particularly like it. It was fun and entertaining, but I felt the pace was very slow (and then suddenly a lot in too short a time), it didnt feel like the "Big finale" for me, all very meek. I understand they can't follow the book, but I think that if they kept the final bits more similar to the book, it would have been better, more oomph than it did now. Still, good movie, great SFX, acting has become better. I'd give a 7/10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRUS View Post
    And... [MEMBER]I feel they could of spent a little more time on Snape's fights with James. I understand the need for time, but an extra minute spent on explaining that James and friends were, quite frankly, arses to him would've helped. I just got the impression from what was shown that he was just jealous. Which is true, but their was more to it than that.
    You know, that's all in the 5th book/movie right? The first time Harry uses the pensivei (however it's called) with snapes memories.

    James Potter, lupin and black were all pretty big asses to Snape. Then James potter also got Lilly who Snape was always longing over. Hench why snape always wanted to (not did) hate harry potter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRUS View Post
    ...And if someone could inform me on how to get that show/hide button in my posts, that would be great.
    Pick the words you want to show/hide, and then put a [SPOILER*] at the beginning and a [/SPOILER*] at the end (remove the asterisks)

    It seems like a majority liked it, but there's still opposition. The one thing I wasn't a big fan of *SPOILER* was the way Voldemort died and how Harry handled the Elder Wand. It worked for the movie I guess, but there was still a longing for how the book presented it. :O

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