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Thread: Confidence In Your Diaper

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    Question Confidence In Your Diaper

    When I tried using Goodnites sometime back I noticed I could easily wet them while in the bathroom standing in the tub or sitting on the commode or tub edge. Soon as I tried using one outside of the bathroom I couldn't relax enough to do it no matter how much I tried. In my mind was this image of it leaking, making a wet mess on the carpet, or furniture if I were sitting, and that seemed to be a major mental restraint holding me back from being able to go.

    I could see from that experience that to be relaxed and comfortable enough to use your diaper easily while around the family, or out and about in public, or wherever, one key element is the need to have 100%+ confidence in it not leaking. Something that obviously would take a varying amount of time to build up between individual users. So I was wondering, how long did it take you to get to the point you trusted your diaper (and yourself) implicitly to actually be able to easily use it beyond the private confines of your bath or bedroom, with no fear or worries of a telltale leak - no matter whether you were going to be sitting, standing, or doing anything else?


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    I never have, but the closest I've come is with Abena X-Pluses. The only worry that I have with those is whether or not I have them properly adjusted so as to not leak.
    I've found that I sleep quite well in a reliable diaper (at least as good as I do without wearing, and sometimes much better than I do undiapered), but when I've tried to sleep in a diaper that I don't have confidence in (such as Depends Underwear), I have a horrible time falling asleep, even though I don't wet the bed.

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    I pretty much trusted them from the get-go...Although sometimes I probably shouldn't have >_>

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    I have only been able to do it a handfull of times. The best thing to do is put on a diaper when you have to pee, and then dont take of off untill after you pee. But dont hold it untill your body makes it come out THATS BAD! *points finger at you (yes... You, the reader)* just relax your entire body, even then it may take a little while, but it is way less damaging then the way some people choose to do it.

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    try using the goodnight stuffer inside an adult diaper. trust me it wont leak

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    i can pee standing and alone, but nothing other than that, i dont know why

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    it took me a few trys but i got used to it after while and can do it where ever!

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    For the longest time I went with Goodnites because they were over-the-counter and I had a bad time with Depends. I never felt safe in them. Then once I got some privacy I went exclusively with Abena X-Plus. Before long I was utterly amazed at the absorbency, even though I leaked about three times over a 12-month period. Remember, diapers leak, it just happens.

    I got so confident I started wetting the bed occasionally whenever I drank a lot o.o

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    I think it is partially a mental block. Since wetting requires a degree of relaxation if in the back of your mind you are worried about a leak or something it is going to be more difficult to wet.

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