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Thread: Has anybody tried to cry underwater?

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    Red face Has anybody tried to cry underwater?

    I was at a public pool and all day I felt like crying. All of a sudden tears started rolling down my face and I started to hyperventilate probably because I had been holding it in for so long. I got so embarrassed that I hide at the bottom of the pool and cried and screamed my heart out. You should of seen all the bubbles coming up to the surface. It was the most surreal feeling crying underwater.

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    Aww, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling down.

    No I haven't in fact, I don't think I can cry to be honest (not on cue or anything emotional) someone would have to be beating me. Lets just say I'm not going to try yet :P

    Sounds like it would be odd though.

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    sorry to here that and no i haven't would feel kind of funny but not really in that way

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    I'm in a pool three or four times a week, for almost two hours, and I've never cried in a pool. But it does sound interesting.

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    I've cried in a pool before. I like it--mostly because people can't tell you're crying. It's a sense of security for me, in a way.

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    I've cried in a pool before too. I like it since no one can tell, and you can scream as much as you want most of the time.

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