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    Default Hi there...

    This isn't my first post, but my third . I used to be active on the TBDL forum (I think that was its name) a few years ago under this name, or one quite similar to it. I went quiet for a few years, but on coming across this site, I decided to sign up again.
    I'm basically an AB/DL, though I consider myself more of an adult kid (somewhere between 3 and 6) who is still in diapers rather than an adult baby.
    I recently finished up a graduate program, and will be taking a new job soon.
    I am a Catholic, and quite serious about it. But, please, get to know me before stereotyping me .

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    *stereotypes paradox*
    haha just kidding, I am Christian (a little...) just looking for something to type.

    Have fun on the forums!

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    haha i hope you enjoy yourself here!!!
    im baptist btw =D yay woot woot
    hope to see you around

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    Welcome Paradox54!

    Thank your for the good introduction. Please feel free to check out the forums, wiki, and chat.

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    congratulation on finishing graduate program and good luck on finding that job you are looking for best wishes for all you endeavors

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    *hugs for the quality of your intro*

    I likes it when people actually tell us things about themselves. Nice to have you on sight and I hope you enjoy it.

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    Thank you all. And, softndry, I already have the job, I just haven't started it yet

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