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Thread: Hello everybody out there in the ADISC universe, This is my intro to the site.

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    Default Hello everybody out there in the ADISC universe, This is my intro to the site.

    I am freshly released from my self-imposed exile from my true pleasure, which most of ya'll have as your pleasure too. I am finally glad to be able to talk somewhat openly about my lifestyle with others who share in the same exprirence. I have a gf and a dog, who are my world. I live in the South and right now it is hotter than a BBQ at Satan's Crib. That means I am indoors most of the time, which allows me to work indoors on peoples cpu's, gaming stations, and even light handy man work around their homes. I love to relax after work by coming home straighten my head out and playing PS3. I also enjoy watching college and pro football during the season, so I wont be online to much on sat and sun in the fall. I am looking for people to talk with not hook-up or meet with. My girl would kill me if I did meet someone else and I am a very loyal BF for over ten years. I am really chatty and love to chat online, so if you just want to talk and bounce ideas and thoughts off me please feel free to send me a message.

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    Welcome to ADISC, jmoneal78. Pretty good intro. You've given us a good snatshot into your world, not just your AB/DL side which is ezcellent Although I played (American) football as a Center, Noseguard and Tackle, as a rule I don't follow sports. See you've been signed up for a few months, so you must have had some chance to read the rules and get a feel for what this community is. I took some time to read your user profile to give me a little better insight into who you are.

    I see that sometime in the past you'd had some dealings with (mental health) professionals regarding your interest in AB/DL themes. While some members have had similar (negative) experiences with professionals this is not always the case. ADISC is a support community that serves teens as well as adults. The entire spectrum of human experience is represented here, including human sexuality; For teens, the unfolding understanding and acceptance of who they are, for those who are older an open forum and community. The mental health community no longer classifies (DSMR-IV) some expressions of sexuality as mental illness or deviance (Homosexuality, etc). I would suggest that your therapist/professional was atypical in his categorization of your behaviors. I see you that you were from and live in the South (Bible Belt States). Perhaps his/her professional judgement may have been influenced by conflicting religious beliefs/mores. In any case, I would not recommend, faith-based therapists to ANYONE. A good example would be Bachman and Associates in Minnesota (Marcus Bachman, husband of Senator Michelle Bachman, as their brand of faux therapy (Gay conversion therapy) is not endorsed anyone in the legitimate mental health community.

    Glad to hear you have a long-term relationship and have opened up to her about these aspects of your nature/person. Looking forward to your participation in the forums (as I do not frequent the chat room).

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